Emerging San Francisco Floral Designers: Wallflower Design

By: Wescover

Wallflower Design, a new addition to our map, was founded in 2014 by Eleanor. Eleanor is a Bay Area Native, and developed and managed the floral department at Bi-Rite Market prior to launching Wallflower Design.
Floral arrangements have distinguishably unique depending on the designer and his/her sources. Floral designs can bring an air of the tropics, of elegance, of autumn, of lust, of celebration, as the finishing touch to any space. Wallflower Design in particular reminds me of a Renaissance painting –beautifully composed, rich and heavy colors that balance each other perfectly.
As pictured on our map, Wallflower Design delivers weekly to Foreign Cinema San Francisco. If “Chai crème brûlée with maple cookie” sounds good to you, (my mouth is watering), you could check them out this weekend.
Excited to unveil the creators behind the design that you blindly appreciate in beautiful spaces.

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