Woven Concepts: Texture and Touch, Beyond the Visual Experience

By: Wescover

Woven Concepts is just one of many artisan rug Creators that specializes in the conception and creation of high-end rugs for well-known establishments. What sets them apart from the others?

Personally, my eye was particularly drawn to this brand because of their focus on integrating all of the senses to create a unique sensory experience. Woven Concepts noted that they innovate and create unusual textures to bring their pieces to life. In fact, they highlight that both feeling and viewing a rug should invoke different feelings of pleasure.

What makes a space most special is the energetic experience that it creates. Movement, placement, and meaning are subtle elements, but strong factors that contribute to the ultimate atmosphere of a space.

With bold, vibrant colors, Woven Concepts’ rugs are sure to make a statement. These rugs bring energy and a sense of liveliness to the space, whether they are located in a private residence, a studio, or a public lobby.

Most interestingly, this firm has a unique and distinct history. It was founded by the first female generation of a four-generational family trade. The Hakimian family are descendants of Silk Road merchants so it’s safe to say that their passionate disposition for rugs is truly in their blood.

Check out more about this artisan Creator herehttps://www.wescover.com/creator/woven-concepts

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