5 Abstracts That’ll Get You Excited for Autumn

By: Wescover

Autumn is marked by bright colors and increasing contrasts. As the seasons start to change, we can’t wait to create a fall feeling inside our spaces. Even a few small details like a new orange throw and bouquet of local flowers will help brighten the transition from Summer to Winter. These abstract paintings are a great inspiration for those fall color palettes that also work well with any style.

Patricia Schwimmer’s “ Orchids in the Rain”
Having trouble letting go of Summer? Patricia’s painting “Orchids in the Rain” eases us into the Fall season. These bright yellows hint at Summer while the overall piece reflects the cooling temperatures that are oh-so Autumn.

Danielle Nelisse’s “Mountaintop Painting”
While Danielle’s selective use of colors in this oil painting on canvas captures the essence of Autumn while balancing the white of this mid-century styled interior.

Susan Washington’s “Threads 1 and 2”
In a combination of textile and paint on canvas, Susan Washington’s painting “Threads 1 and 2” consist of multiple layers that feel warmly mod.

Stephen T. Johnson’s “Skippy”
As foliage peaks, the leaves transition into bright hues of orange and red that continue to stun us every year. Stephen T Johnson’s painting “Zippy” captures those rich colors and brings a wild side to the color-scape.
Geometric shapes in vibrant oranges and reds pop against this gray wall. We love how Brett Smith’s “Life” painting creates a surprisingly calm composition of complex lines.
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