Well-Designed, Cozy East Coast Cafes to Visit in 2019

By: Wescover

Cozy East Coat Cafes. A Wescover Listicle.
Cozy East Coat Cafes. A Wescover Listicle.
Cozy East Coast Cafes. A Wescover Listicle.
coffee shop, cafe, modern
Daily Provisions Bakery and Coffee Shop New York.

Cafés are the place to go to warm up from the inside out. As the days grow colder and daylight dwindles, it’s tempting to stay home in our pajamas for days on end. Our nests may be the best place to wait out the winter but there are plenty of places to go with a cozy vibe worth braving the outdoors.

As someone who has lived in the East Coast, I’ve realized the importance of quaint and cozy coffee shops during wintertime. While most people debate the quality of the coffee, it’s a great interior that beckons us in and keeps us coming back. Cafés are a world of their own full of inspiration from the rustic, brick-lined walls to organic wallhangings. There’s something about subdued lighting, an intimate layout, and unique decorations that also make us feel at home.

Here are a few Wescover-worthy cafés we discovered in New York and Cambridge that are sure to keep you warm and full-filled these upcoming months.

1. Daily Provisions, Gramercy Park, New York

Located at 103 East 19th St, Daily Provisions is a navy blue getaway. The neighborhood bakery and coffee shop was done up in custom tiles, deep blue accents, and natural woods.  Gather around the central stone bar and enjoy some coffee in the ‘farmhouse futuristic’ mugs by local artist HAAND.

coffee shop, cafe, modern
Daily Provisions Coffee Shop in 103 East 19th St, NYC

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2. O Café, Greenwich, New York

This Greenwich-based Brazilian coffee shop is all reclaimed wood and happy green vibes. Its owner Fernando Aciar built everything, from the tables and chairs to the lamps and wall paneling himself. Serving only local ingredients and featuring Fernando’s handmade ceramic tableware, O Café is a meditative space that brings light to the winter with its unique designs and its owner’s passion and creativity.

plants, cafe, O Café, Greenwich, New York
O Café, Greenwich, New York

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3. Bluestone Lane, Carnegie Hill, New York

Inspired by the Australian coffee cultural hub, this quality coffee shop offers an open atmosphere with a pale and wooden palette. Located in 2 E 90th St, Bluestone Lane features ‘sea-blue-subway’ tiles by Mercury Mosaics and blond wood seating by Caswell Design Group. Anewall’s soft watercolor prints also bring a warm natural ambiance to this cozy and inviting space.

coffee shop, cafe, modern, natural
Bluestone Lane Café in 2 E 90th St, NYC

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4. Café Henrie, Lower East Side, New York

Mixing simple French design with neon diner-like vibes, this Lower East Side café is sure to transport you to another time and place. With playful wooden benches by French creator Jean Prouvé and neon artwork by Wescover lighting artist Petra Collins, Café Henrie recreates the Paris-like cafés of graffiti artist and former nightclub owner Andre Saraiva’s hometown.

cafe, diner, french, modern
Café Henrie in the Lower East Side, NYC

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5. De Maria, Lolita, New York

Located at the edge of Lolita neighborhood, De Maria is an all-day café with a hip, modern, and earthy vibe. Its exterior wall mural and lively ceramic dinner plates compliment its warm tones and pale patina reminiscent of Italian cafes. Revamped by The MP Shift, De Maria is perfect to add some European warmth to your winter days.

cafe, pale, minimalist
De Maria Café in Lolita, NYC

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6. Flour Bakery + Café, Cambridge

The Boston winter keeping you down? Warm up by the fire at Flour Bakery + Café. Located in 40 Erie Street in Cambridgeport, this Scandinavian-inspired interior by David Hacin and his team offers a wooden palette that soothes with its natural feel.

cambridge, cafe, modern, minimalist
Flour Café + Bakery in Cambridgeport, MA

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7. Intrepid Café, Cambridge

Want a sleek modern ambiance while you study for exams or take a break from work? With its concrete floor and wooden tables, Cambridge-based Intrepid Café boasts a minimalist warehouse aesthetic with smooth contemporary vibes. Check out the city mural by Solei Arts that livens the walls with black-and-white skyscrapers.

Intrepid Cafe in Cambridge, MA
Intrepid Café in Cambridge, MA

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If you have more East Coast favorites, we’d love to add them to the list. Email us: info@wescover.com

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