Macrame Art You Can’t DIY: 50 Fiber Art Designs that Take Macrame to the Next Level

By: Wescover

These Wescover fiber artists are giving macrame art a modern revival. From sustainable fibers to vibrant dip-dyed threads, each piece has unique textures and patterns that fit every interior design style. It’s true, from Scandinavian design to Boho chic, there is something for every designer

There are so many innovative styles of macrame art that we hadn’t even dreamed of. In this way, these artists have the perfect solution for your space in need of a decor upgrade by using macrame art trends that are evocative of 1960’s counter-culture. However, despite their retro roots, handmade woven wall hangings are now a staple of contemporary bohemian decor.  

Even if you’re a DIY master, these works of art take macrame to the next level. And while our at home craft projects do a decent job of hanging our plants or covering empty walls, true fine and expertly crafted fiber art pieces are at the top of our wish lists. 

 While not every one of these designs fits perfectly into the “macrame” category,  it’s the natural materials and sculptural complexity in all of these pieces that we adore. From textile rugs, to fiber art wall hangings, to woven chandeliers, there’s sure to be something for everyone in this list. Check out macrame art and fiber art designs from our favorite Creators and prepare to be inspired!

Custom Macrame Art Piece $750-$900

The Achieving Peacemaker $1,600

Jessica Barcellos $60

The Blue Divide Macrame $367.32

Large Teal Macrame Wall Hanging & Fiber Art $340

The Wine Mountains $100

Rainbow Macrame and Weaving Wall Hanging $800-$1,500

Macrame Dream Catcher $75

Custom Macrame Starts at $700

Woven Watercolors $200

Large Earthly Layers Macrame $555.06

Flow $235-$795

Large Macraweave Wall Hanging $220

Custom Wall Squiggle $450

Diamond Tassel $65

Landscape $280

Macrame Rainbow Wall Hanging $65

Large Modern Black Triangle Macrame $280

Macrame Wedding Arch Starts at $1,000

Arches & Stairs 1 $150

Pravesh $650

Agate Inspired Blues Macrame Starts at $375

Indigo Duel $4,000-$15,000

Vibrato $450-$950



The Waves $550

Sunset Vibes Starts at $760

Geometric Wall Hanging $580

Clouds $400

Moon Phases $175

Rainbow and Cloud Macrame $55

Bold Organic Weaving $68

Balance $315

Modern Macrame Wall Hanging

Set of Giant Leaf Sculpture $700

Large Colorful Tapestry Weaving $800-$1,500
Ebb $269-$675

Aria-Duet $281.50-$385


Handwoven Tapestry in Pastel Colors $68

Weaver $35-$80

Rope Line Drawing $800

Large Rope Arch $2,200

Wide Rope Squiggle $3,800

Hybernate $360

Counting Sheep $850-$1,250

Komondor $350-$500

Serendipity $600

World in Many Colors $750

Macrame art can come in all different shapes, sizes, and designs. We feel so lucky to have all of these amazing fiber artists on Wescover, and we can’t wait for you to find the perfect macrame for your space. Find something you love? Head over to Wescover and explore everything that our fiber artsits have to offer and get ready to elevate your space!

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