Press Release: Wescover and Google Lens Change the Way We Discover Art & Designs

By: Wescover

Wescover in action with google lens

July 02, 2019 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

San Francisco — Launching today, you can explore art outside the museum walls with Google Lens and Wescover. Wescover, a San Francisco based startup backed by Tim Draper, Floodgate, Tank Hill, and Maveron, announced that they’re working with Google Lens to help users find digital information about local art and design. With Wescover’s content, Google Lens is now able to reveal the exact match of the artist and the story behind their art in spaces like hotels, restaurants, and city streets.

Wescover has curated an initial map of art pieces throughout San Francisco that you can look up using Google Lens. When you spot a piece on the map, simply launch Lens, point your camera at it, and you’ll get an exact match of the original artwork––see a video of it being used here. Whether you’re curious about the colorful mural at Craftsman and Wolves coffee shop or you want to buy the same geometric wall hanging that’s at Mister Jiu’s restaurant, Wescover shows you who made what and how to connect with the creator of the piece. While this initial map directs users to a shortlist of lensable items, Wescover will continue to publish more content to Google Lens for users to discover worldwide.

Wescover’s co-founder and CEO, Rachely Esman, says: “We’re excited to see the difference our content is making. Each exact match gives creators the credit they deserve and enables consumers with trust to find what they’re looking for.”

Wescover is working on making any room a showroom and they’re excited to make these objects discoverable with Lens too. “If you love the chair at the Ace Hotel, it’ll take hard work to find the exact same product. While another blue chair may look similar, it won’t have the same quality, materials, or story,” says Esman. This innovative concept expands the ability for even small local brands to get discovered authentically and enthusiastically without having to pay for a dedicated retail space.


About Wescover

Wescover is the most comprehensive catalog of mapped objects in the world with more than 50,000 images of unique art and design in mapped locations. Their community of 6,000 local brands and independent artists are using the site to map their work and get discovered.

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Published on Jul 3, 2019

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