Creator of the Day: Sam Linski

By: Wescover

concrete artist and designer sam linski

Sam Linski of Linski Design Studio specializes in designing and manufacturing unique custom-made concrete furniture and objects for architectural and interior design projects. Based in Tel Aviv, Sam is a father, designer, craftsman, lecturer and passionate pioneer in using and innovating with concrete.

We asked Sam about his inspirations and aspirations for his incredible practice in concrete:


concrete vase and quote by sam linski

concrete table

Linski Design’s lovely project for eclectic style lovers in a Tel-Aviv residence. On the right side is their small table with a unique rough finish, with ultra-black pigment embedded veins and stains and DELTA steel base.


concrete table and quote by sam linski



concrete table

Hand casted concrete table top with a unique handcrafted steel base by Linski Design in Tel Aviv.


concrete artwork and quote by sam linski


concrete speakers by linski designs

Based on horn-speaker technology, and best described as functional art. These fully- functional concrete casted speakers will add a sophisticated and modern look to any space and invoke a sense of nirvana to concrete lovers and audiophiles.


sam linski and quote by sam linski


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