Yoko Kubrick: Rethinking Classical Sculpture

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Classical Sculpture by Yoko Kubrick

Classical Sculpture by Yoko Kubrick

Yoko Kubrick is an American sculptor of Japanese and Czech heritage. She grew up in Guam, Hawaii, California and the Czech Republic. Yoko has a B.A. in Environmental Studies from San Jose State University, and an M.A. in Psychology and Art Therapy from Notre Dame de Namur University. This month, Yoko was the topic of a New York Times article which dove into her process and conceptual practice.


Sculptue by Yoko Kubrick


Yoko was trained in a classical atelier setting where she worked as a studio assistant for a San Francisco sculptor. She later attended graduate school to study Art Therapy and worked in a psychiatric hospital as an Art Therapist. This experience piqued her interest in the psychological processes of art making and the collective unconscious.

Sculpture by Yoko Kubrick


Yoko’s sculptures explore the aesthetic perceptions of forms found in nature, and explore the emotional qualities of shapes, which she calls “the emotive language of form.”


The 2019 San Francisco Decorators Showcase features works by sculptor Yoko Kubrick directed by DZINE Gallery for Zeterre Landscape Architecture. These works were commissioned exclusively for the space and sculpted in Italy, shipped to San Francisco - just in time for the event.
Sculpture for the 2019 San Francisco Decorator Showcase by Yoko Kubrick

Plant life, water movement and land formations inform her visual vocabulary. She expresses her internal world by breathing life into materials using the poetry of line, light, form and shadow.


Sculpture by Yoko Kubrick


Her pieces articulate the drama of human existence and our search for meaning in everyday life. Yoko explores allegories informed by classical mythology. Her use of marble alludes to the sculptural practices of antiquity.


Sculptures by Yoko Kubrick


She creates small scale and monumental sculpture in bronze, marble, and other metals and stones, which she loves for their timeless and noble qualities.


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