Dining Room Lighting Inspired by Autumn

By: Wescover

dining room lighting

dining room lighting


Earth-tone dining room lighting is huge right now. Check out our top fixture picks this week to decorate your home, hotel or eatery!




1. Igneous Wall Lights by James Walsh. Studio at Charing Cross Hotel, Waverley, Australia

dining room lighting

Charing Cross hotel dining room in Waverley features these warm Igneous wall lights designed by James Walsh. They are a beautiful golden accent in this modern-rustic space.

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2. Nuages by Herve Langlais at a Lake House, New York, NY

dining room lighting

Ten Nuages fixtures are the perfect dining room lighting choice for this New York Lakehouse.

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3. Cloud pendants by Richard Clarkson Studio at Two Hands, New York, NY

dining room lighting

These soft fiberglass forms add a dreaminess to this boho cafe in New York City.

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4. Custom Light Fixtures by Ann Edgerton at Chicon, Austin, TX

dining room lighting

Ann Edgerton customized this impressive lighting installation for Chicon, an Austin restaurant. These beautiful reddish-bronze drums are perfectly cohesive with the space’s other furniture.

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