Fall Favorite: The Rattan Chair

By: Wescover

rattan chair

rattan chair

The rattan chair is a loved for its versatility. Rattan is a tropical climbing palm which, when cut into sections, is an excellent weaving fiber for furniture. Its strength and flexibility allow creators to use dynamic forms and intricate detail in their work. The versatility of the fiber also makes rattan furniture perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Check out some of our favorite rattan chairs below:

1. Matilda Easy Armchair and Easy Chair by Kenneth Cobonpue, Casa Millas, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

rattan chair

The same principle of a woven basket is used in making the Matilda Rattan Chair. This vast collection has a strong, tight structure and an open weave.

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2. Hanging Rattan Chair by Serena & Lily at The Joshua Tree House, Joshua Tree, CA

rattan chair

We wish we were swinging in those hanging chairs on a crisp day reading or listening to a good record.

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3. Charlottenborg Rattan Chair by Arne Jacobsen at 11 Howard Hotel, New York, NY

rattan chair

Designed in 1936, Arne Jacobsen’s Charlottenborg Rattan Chair is a masterpiece of rattan functionality and respect for the material.

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4. Butterfly Chair by McGuire Furniture at Kost, Toronto, Canada

rattan chair

rattan chair

The Butterfly Rattan Chair’s graceful design features sweeping arms of delicate fiber. The arching back displays a symmetric series of both curved and geometric rattan members. These chairs add a touch of nature in this bright space.

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5. Yoda Easy Chair by Kenneth Cobonpue at Kenshō Boutique Hotel & Suites, Mykonos Greece, Mykonos, Greece, Greece

rattan chair

A Cobonpue icon, Yoda explores the natural tension of the material and supports your back with comfort and style. Like tall grass in a field on an early fall day, Yoda transforms your living space into a warm garden.

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