Featured Design Scout: Chrissy Koulouris

By: Wescover

The more you travel, the greater an appreciation you have for art and design. Chrissy Koulouris is a travel blogger and design enthusiast who loves nothing more than exploring the world and all the beautiful art that it has to offer. We were ecstatic when Chrissy agreed to be design scout for Wescover and add to our map! She has been sharing awesome design finds around Miami and we are excited to feature her aesthetic eye…

Fendi Store in Miami Design District Exterior Designed by Johanna Grawunder as seen on Wescover
Exterior of the Fendi Store in Miami, Designed by Johanna Grawunder

Tell us a little about you, your interests, and where you are from. 

I am originally from Dallas, TX. In 2006 I came to Miami for vacation and knew I would return shortly to live. I moved here in 2008 for graduate school and been here since. Travel is my number one love! There is so much to see on this planet and it’s my goal to see as much of it as I can! One country that I find myself traveling back to repeatedly is Greece. The culture, history, and food is just something indescribable. When I am not traveling, I do enjoy finding new places to see in Miami, cooking, writing poetry, playing guitar, or writing blog posts.

Traveling Man by Brad Oldham and Brandon Oldenburg in Maimi, FL. Chrissy Kouloruis
Traveling Man by Brad Oldham and Brandon Oldenburg in Miami, FL.

What elements would you say define your style?

I don’t really have one set style, I would consider myself to be extremely eclectic. It is how I decorate my home, how I dress, and even through my pictures. Basically, I always considered myself to be outside of the box and not follow a set guideline. If something catches my eye for whatever reason, then it becomes my style, a part of me.

What are the first items in a space that tend to catch your attention? What kind of artwork is your favorite?

European style architecture has always drawn my attention. I could walk around a neighborhood in Europe all day just taking random pictures. There is something about antiquated buildings that appear so mysterious to me. Now let’s go to another extreme, minimalistic art has also been something that has captured my attention. I love the simple and clean lines.

"Fly's Eye Dome" By R. Buckminster Fuller in Maimi, FL. Chrissy Koulouris
“Fly’s Eye Dome” By R. Buckminster Fuller in Miami, FL.

What’s your favorite piece of art/design in your neighborhood?

One of my favorite designs all over Miami is the Vizcaya Museum & Garden. This mansion’s architecture is breathtaking. It has an exquisite view of the bay, and Spanish style architecture, and green gardens surrounding the building.

If a visiting artist had one hour in Miami, where would you take them? 

This is a difficult question because there is so much to see here to see in Miami. You cannot deny an artist from the Art Deco District here in South Beach. The architecture is so unique, it is definitely worth seeing and experiencing to get that full Miami vibe. Also, I would have to sneak in Wynwood. It is filled with colorful murals painted all over the buildings. Any artist could find a significant amount of inspiration in this vibrant neighborhood.

Faena Bazaar Facade by Roy France In Maimi, FL. Chrissy Koulouris
Faena Bazaar Facade by Roy France In Miami, FL.

How do you think cities would change if more public spaces bought worked with local artists? 

I strongly believe in supporting our local artists. One, it would establish a sense of unity between the artist and locals of the community. Also, it can promote financial growth and bring culture in the neighborhood. I am truly blessed to be here in Miami. We have a neighborhood called Wynwood that supports our local and talented artists. It is one place to truly get inspired by the colorfully painted walls and walking through the many galleries. You can come here for one year and see a stunning painting on a wall, and return to find something else that is just as spectacular. The artists have completely rehabilitated this neighborhood.

What is one piece of design-hunting advice you’d give to other Design Scouts (locals or travelers)? 

Don’t limit yourself trying to find that piece of art in your niche. Really open your eyes to all the surroundings and be in the moment. Every city has something exclusive that draws visitors. Embrace the culture there and do your best to capture it in that photo or piece of art.

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