Design Scout Spotlight: Often Studio

By: Wescover

Ashley Coppins (left) and Chelsie Starley (right) of Often Studio

If you’re up for discovering more creative spaces around Brooklyn, Design Scouts Ashley Coppins and Chelsie Starley will show you where to go.

As the founders of Often Studio, the duo has an eye for design destinations and talent for capturing them. With Chelsie behind the camera and Ashley as the stylist, these two are certainly using their talents for good whether they’re creating visual campaigns for clients or supporting local artists with Wescover.

The two have been collaborating since kindergarten, so we are excited that they just started scouting for unique art/designs as Wescover contributors!

We talked about their explorations, love of art, eye for designs, and what it’s like running a creative branding company! We’re excited to introduce you to these professional creatives and entrepreneurs…

"As creatives, we are inspired by the brands we work with."
- Often Studio

What’s your favorite neighborhood in NYC?

Williamsburg will always be special to us. It’s where we produced our first shoot as Often Studio and where our team continues to find inspiration for future projects.

Matisse-esque - Murals
Matisse-esque Mural by Lea Carey at Gertie, Brooklyn, NY

If you had one hour in NYC, where would you go?

Grab a New York slice and explore the galleries and shops in Williamsburg or the Lower East Side. Or, catch the ferry down the east river and take in the dreamy Manhattan skyline view – swoon!

Our Summer by Ross Pope at Pilgrim Surf & Supply, Brooklyn, NY

What elements of art/design would make it worth the visit?

The variety of art and design make New York unlike any other city in the world! There’s truly something for everyone as well as endless opportunities to expand one’s own perspective and taste.

What are the first items in a space that tend to catch your attention?

Lighting and artwork, always! Lighting has the power to completely transform a space and artwork adds even more personality.

Tinge Table Lamp by Jacob Starley at Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

How do unique art/design pieces add value to a space? How do you think cities would change if more public spaces bought from/ worked with local artists?

It’s no secret that art and design set the tone of a space. Great artwork has the ability to bring people together and who better to produce art for a community than artists within that community? Local artists have the unique power to tell their story and share their perspectives with visitors and locals alike!

Why is it so important to support local creators/businesses?

To us, supporting local means preserving a community’s unique identity. Building community by supporting local empowers more artists to create – something we all benefit from!

Live Vertical Garden Wall by Laurent Corradi (Plant Wall Design) at Devoción, Brooklyn, NY

In your opinion, what makes up a great piece of content? Why is quality content important for any brand?

A great piece of content has a story to tell. Great branding content pieces are powerful tools in building brand loyalty and to move a brand’s mission forward. Getting clear about how a brand’s content makes people feel is something we focus on deeply with all of our clients at Often.

Tell us a bit about Often Studio?

Often is a boutique production studio based in Brooklyn, New York. We work with brands to create unique content from concept to completion. The composition of our team provides an accessible one stop shop for art directing, producing, styling, and photography – delivering final assets in less than two weeks and priced within most brand’s budgets.

We understand the need for more content at a lower price point, which is why we created Often in the first place. Please explore our work and packages at!

Cut Pendants by Tom Dixon At Beam, Brooklyn NY
Published on Nov 13, 2019

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