Neon Art We’re Obsessed with for 2020

By: Wescover

Neon Art is taking off in 2020 as a sought after design element! Whether it’s on the side of a boutique hotel, in a destination restaurant or a friend’s home, we’re like moths to a flame whenever we spot new neon artworks. The bright and bold medium attracting fine artists and craftsmen around the world. 

Don’t let the playful shapes and organic lines fool you though, neon is one of the most difficult artworks to create and it can be very difficult to use. Neon is made from glass and noble gas. The artist has to carefully melt and bend a tube of glass to shape. Then the neon is isolated, pressurized, pushed into that hand-blown glass tube and lit by an electrode. Creators working with neon have to have a great eye for illustration, plus skill for manipulating glass, electricity, and color! 

There are communities of Neon craftspeople and artisans around the world. Since it takes so much skill, time, and expense, not every creator is up to the challenge of creating true neon though. Some creators have used different mediums to imitate the look of neon. LED is an easier and cheaper alternative because it uses electricity and plastic. We did include a few LED signs in here too so see if you can spot them. While the colors and bent shapes look similar, you can tell you’re looking at a true neon art piece if it’s glass and gas! In San Francisco for example, Meryl Pataky, Laura Stevenson, and Roxy Rose are known as the real-deal so turn to them if you’re looking to hire an authentic neon artist.

A growing community of creators on Wescover are innovating in this retro style and material to voice their style in words and symbols. Kudos to all those glass-bending, gas-capturing artists out there! Check out some of our favorites…

neon sign

“Hands Held High” Neon Art Lighting, by Ty Williams at The Sandman Hotel, Santa Rosa, CA. > 

neon sign
“Sequence” Neon Art by Erik Otto in Nyum Bai, Oakland, CA.
“Personal Space” Neon Sign, by Kelly Thorn in The Wing Georgetown, Washington, DC.
Neon Sign by Petra Collins in Cafe Henrie New York, NY.
neon sign
“Now or Never” Neon Sign by Meryl Pataky in No.3 San Francisco, CA.
Hello Kitty, Neon Art by KL Studios in The LINE LA, Los Angeles, CA. Image by Art Gray.
Neon Ceiling Lights, Neon Art by Laura Stevenson in Ritual Roasters, San Francisco, CA.
“Twitch Mural” Neon Art by Roxy Rose with Mural by Strider Patton in Twitch office, San Francisco, CA.
“Neon Orb” Neon Art by Mark Beattie MRSS as seen in M Victoria St, London, United Kingdom.
neon sign“Yellow Rose Neon” Neon Sign, by Todd Sanders as seen in a Private Residence, Burton, TX.
“Neo the Bernese Mountain Dog” LED ‘Neon’ Art by Carla O’Brien in Private Residence, Kew East, Australia.

LED Neon Sign by The Made Shop in Urban Farmer Denver, CO.
Custom Neon Sign, Neon Art by Electric Confetti in Talk To MeSouth Yarra, Australia.
“Shhh….” Neon Sign by Meryl Pataky in Speakeasy Ales & Lagers, San Francisco, CA.

LED Neon Sign Wall by Electric Confetti in Sugar Republic, Fitzroy, Australia.

Our list of Neon Creators is growing on Wescover! We’re so excited to see artists take on this medium and elevate it from signage to neon art. See more of their work and find a neon artist in your area…

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