Creators: Get Your Badge!

By: Wescover

Many of you have asked for a Wescover “W” to link to your page from your social icons and email signature. So here’s how! 

About the Badge:

  • What is a badge? A badge is a small icon that links directly to your page on Wescover.  Similar to the icons you see for social media like Instagram or Facebook, it shows where you have a digital presence and leads visitors to discover more about you. 
  • What does badge look like? The badge is the Wescover community logo: a simple black “W” that you can style to match your other badges. 
  • Where does the badge link to? It will link directly to your Wescover page! 
  • Where do I add the badge? You can add the “W” to your email signature, website, and wherever you share your work! 

How to Add Your Map Widget:

  1. Login to Wescover. 
  2. Click on your name in the navigation bar and you’ll see “Share My Map & Badge” in the menu.
  3. Here you’ll find instructions for both the map widget and the badge. Click to get specific instructions and custom code for your page! 

Have a question? Reach out to and we’ll help!

Published on Apr 7, 2020

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