Creators: The Map Widget is Here!

By: Wescover

Many of you have asked to connect your Wescover page to your website— so we created this awesome interactive map for you! 

About the Map Widget:

  • What is a widget? A widget is an interactive piece of content you can embed on your website.
  • What does the map show? Similar to the map at the bottom of your Wescover page, the widget will show all the work you’ve shared on Wescover. It will automatically update when you add items to Wescover. So you can share your creative footprint and watch your map grow!
  • How is it interactive? It’s not just a static image of your map, each location is clickable. Visitors can see the locations of your work and an image right from your website. If they want to dive deeper, they can click into the item to visit your post and page on Wescover.
  • What will it look like? The map is black & white and you can adjust where/how it’s displayed on your site.  Laura Wood was one of the first to test it out and we love how the map looks on her Website! Check it out as an example… 

How to Add Your Map Widget:

  1. Login to Wescover. 
  2. Click on your name in the navigation bar and you’ll see “Share My Map & Badge” in the menu.
  3. Here you’ll find instructions and custom code for your page!  


Have a question? Reach out to and we’ll help!

Published on Apr 7, 2020

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