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We are thrilled to hear that so many of our Creators are connecting with new clients and growing their creative businesses with Wescover! 

Now, more than ever, we believe it’s essential to support our artists and designers. So we’re spreading the word and building features that will help the creative businesses thrive.

Our latest project has been updating the Inquire feature and adding it to both creator pages and individual items. In addition, Creators can now add a price, price range, or commission info to their work on Wescover. So many people have been thrilled to discover a piece/commission in their budget and easily support an authentic Creator!

Here’s how it works:



From major hotel developers to interior design influencers, every kind of buyer is using Wescover to find artists and designers for their projects. There are so many design hunters out there excited to discover original items and support our Creators with their purchases. We are filled with optimism thanks to the professional interior designers and home buyers reaching out to our Creators! We’re so grateful to hear your stories of creation, connection, and support. 

Here are a few experiences our community shared that we think will inspire you too: 


Here are the full quotes! 

  • So far my experience with Wescover has been nothing short of fantastic. The exposure from the website has led to some of the biggest jobs my company has received including a full kitchen installation and a large outdoor fireplace mural. For that job I spent a lot of time working directly with the client to source the design direction and put together a project proposal responding to her conceptual ambitions of bringing the garden to the next level. From there we created a palette of greens and blacks and a pattern using palm fronds to make something entirely unique and site-specific to her garden. The jobs we’ve landed through Wescover are always a pleasure leading to new motifs collaborated with the incredible clients they’ve introduced us to. It’s a great resource for Wolf City!”––Wolf City, Muralist in Brooklyn, NY
  • I received an email from a client who discovered my work via Wescover, and I admittedly did a little happy dance! After being a part of the platform for only a month, it was such a pleasant surprise. The client was interested in a few pieces, and asked for my website to browse his options. He proceeded to order a custom piece of art from my shop, and I was so excited to ship it out to him! What a great experience with Wescover from start to finish.” –– Rosie the Wanderer, Fiber Artist in Charleston, SC
  • “We are thrilled that a customer found us through Wescover and purchased our long bench in a unique custom egg yolk yellow color! It is fun to connect with people who like our products and work with them on a custom variation of the design to make it theirs. It is such a pleasure to have our designs featured on Wescover! Often we learn more about where our collection goes from Wescover before we do! They find so many amazing images of our products that have ended up in restaurants, hotels, and interior design projects. We continue to be amazed at the content they have gathered about us. This is a great resource for ideas, images, and sources of great design!”
     –– Tina Frey Designs, Designer in San Francisco, CA
  • “The client had dinner at Octavia while on vacation in San Francisco and used a mug after the meal for coffee. When she returned home she looked me up and found me on Wescover where she contacted me to place an order for two mugs. I was thrilled to have sold my work via an inquiry that came in from Wescover to a buyer. I love Wescover’s coverage of art and design around the world and their extensive reach. The staff are always helpful and I’m happy to have more exposure for my work and new clients.” –– Len Carella, Designer in San Francisco, CA
  • “Wescover brought me one of my largest and most important deals! A large art reproduction company in Australia found me and my work through Wescover and started carrying prints of my work in 2020.” –– Rob Delamater, Painter in San Francisco, CA
  • “Showcasing our work and projects in Wescover has been a great opportunity to visualize our pieces mapped vividly in their own, unique, lovely spaces. We’ve got visitors from other countries come into our workshop after seeing our pieces on Wescover and we’re loving to connect with people across the globe!” –– Caralarga, Designer in Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico
  • “Wescover has generated some amazing leads for us at SwingTables. The most exciting lead to date was one from a city in Wisconsin called Appleton inquiring about our products for their downtown area. That one really got us excited!” –– Greg Frehr of SwingTables in Los Angeles, CA
  • “I was thrilled to have sold my piece “Flowing” to a Canadian client through Wescover recently.  Wescover delivers a fantastic way for me as an artists to show my work in real spaces and on top of that, gives me an international audience. Art lovers and interior designers around the world can discover beautiful art while also visualizing how the artwork will look like in their homes and offices. Wescover brings my art to life and lets me tell a story for each piece.”Lutz Hornischer, sculptor in Berkeley CA.
  •  “We are thrilled with the results we’ve seen on Wescover. We get a couple of leads each week from Wescover, and the site is dynamic and easy to browse through. One of the big projects we got from Wescover is a major art focal piece for the arrival lobby of a huge condo complex in New Jersey. We’re creating 2 or 3 more custom wall art installations in various locations throughout the building. We look forward to investing more time into Wescover, as projects like this one have proven the site to be valuable for our business.” — Ron Dier Design, artist & designer in Santa Ana, CA. 


Thank you to all these Creators for connecting and sharing their stories! Creators, have you had any success selling your work on Wescover? We’d love to hear all about it.

Buyers, are you feeling inspired to inquire? Connect with a creator today! 


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Published on Apr 20, 2020

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