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By: Wescover

abstract butterfly wall decor painting gold green modern livingroom

Butterfly wall decor is the perfect way to bring nature indoors! Wescover’s community of Creators are pros when it comes to elevating any art style and they’re taking butterfly wall decor to the next level. We’ve put together 5 different styles of butterfly art to inspire you to bring a little nature into your space. Each unique piece has a different story and was made with care. If you spot a style you love, reach out to purchase it or commission your very own butterfly art for added personalized charm!

Butterflies have always been a source of fascination and admiration for artists and designers alike. There are tens of thousands of species of butterflies with unique patters, colors, and shapes for Creators to draw inspiration from! Did you know that around the world, butterflies carry significant symbolic and cultural meanings too? They’re typically associated with life, transition, endurance, happiness, and luck. So spotting them in interior designs brings us back to nature and inspires us to embrace change with a positive mindset! There are some clever ways to incorporate butterflies into every space. Abstract butterfly paintings go great in minimal, modern spaces. Hanging a large butterfly macrame wallhanging can elevate a boho aesthetic. And we’ve noticed butterfly shadowbox compositions in every kind of space! 

Just like caterpillars into butterflies, sometimes old rooms need to make the transition into upgraded and refreshed environments. It’s easy to breathe new life into a space in need of a little extra love with stunning decor pieces inspired by butterflies!

1. 3D Butterfly Wall Decor 

Multicolor cut out butterfly wall art

Multicolor cut out butterfly wall art
Fashion Butterfly Box by Lorna Doyan at Singer Island in Riviera Beach >

Multicolor on blue cut out butterfly wall art

Multicolor on blue cut out butterfly wall art
Into the Deep Butterfly Art by Lorna Doyan at a Private Home in Manchester >

Delicate white circular butterfly wall decor
Steel Butterflies by Kaveri Singh at a Private Home in Los Angeles >
White and gold textured butterfly wall decor

White and gold textured butterfly wall decor
Porcelain Butterfly Wall Decor by Elizabeth Prince Ceramics at a Private Home in Atlanta >
Metal butterfly accent circle mirror

Metal butterfly accent circle mirror
Butterfly Mirror by Claire Crowe Collection at a Private Home in Dallas >

2. Hanging Butterfly Shadow Boxes 

Blue fading butterfly wall decor
Ontogenesis by Christopher Marley at  Houston Museum of Natural Science in Houston >

Hot pink butterflies in case walld decor
Butterfly Art by Michael Olsen at a Private Home in Watford >

White resin butterfly sculpture wall decor
Winter Butterflies by Kristina Grace at a Private Home in Newport Beach >
Multicolor butterfly wall sculptures
Birds and Butterflies by Leisa Rich at Swan Coach House in Atlanta >


3. Butterfly Wallpaper and Custom Butterfly Murals 

Blue Butterfly Wallpaper by FliePaper, in Private Home, Palm Springs >
Custom Layered Butterfly Wallpaper by FliePaper, in Indian Canyons, Palm Springs, CA >
IronBound Wings Murals by Kate Aurelia Studio, in Lynn, MA >
Butterfly Mural by Vera Primavera, in Selina QuitoQuito, Ecuador >


4. Unique Butterfly Paintings 

Green blue abstract butterfly painting
Connected by L Rowland Fine Contemporary Art at a Private Home in San Diego >
Pastel pink blue butterfly print
Beverly Butterfly Print by Oxeye Floral Co at a Private Home in Calgary >


Blue pattern butterfly painting
Butterfly by Steve McElroy in Dallas >

Multicolor butterfly scales wall decor
Butterfly Wing Scales by Chelsea Hopkins-Allan at a Private Home in Albany >

5. Large Butterfly Wall Sculptures 

Multicolor butterfly wall sculptures
Butterfly Wall Sculptures by Ashley Longshore at a Private Residence Home in New York >
Monarch butterfly wall decor
Monarch Butterfly Wall Decor by Steve Nielsen Art at a Private Home in Paradise Valley >

Tortoiseshell butterfly wall decor
Tortoiseshell Butterfly Wall Decor by Alex Jones at a Private Home in France >
Butterfly macrame
Butterfly macrame
Macrame Butterfly Wall Decor by Condimentstrings at a Private Home in Kuala Lumpur >

Beautiful and bold, butterfly wall decor is the next big thing in design and we’re loving it! In short, if you’re looking to add some vibrance to your space, brighten up an empty wall, or bring a playful element into a room, then this trend is for you. Be as unique as these artworks and make sure you check out the rest of our collection to get inspired!

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Published on May 29, 2020

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