21 Creators in Austin Making Waves in Art and Design

By: Wescover

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Pink and blue Austin spray paint mural Austin Mural by Kristin Freeman at Lamar Union Plaza in Austin >

Austin Creators are turning out beautiful art in one of the most exciting cities in the US. Austin, Texas, is a city bursting with creative flavor! Lively works of art are waiting to be discovered in every corner. There are hidden gems and a community of amazing Creators behind each and every one.

We got in touch with Austin Creators to learn more about this bright and eccentric city. They create art in every form: from contemporary paintings, to woodworking, to everything in between. We believe that these works of art truly represent the vibrance of the city. So we brought them all together to create a look book of Austin’s artistic talent! It’s true, this colorful composition is enough to make us want to book a flight to this cultural hub. But if you can’t make it to Texas any time soon, Wescover is here to help you explore, share, purchase, and commission pieces by artists here. 

They say everything is bigger in Texas, so here is our big list of amazing Creators straight out of Austin!

Misha Blaise

Misha’s work is largely inspired by birds and nature and are wildly popular! She has designed art for many outstanding brands including Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, CB2, and West Elm. We love the vibrant energy her colorful paintings bring to a space.

Bright pink boho room with abstract paintings

Abstract painting rainbow plant Austin Creators
Cheer Up by Misha Blaise at a Private Home in Australia >


Settle Ceramics

Samantha Heligman is the ceramicist behind Settle Ceramics. She loves to work with clay and wants people to have a special experience with her work. “I want them to feel connected to it, like it’s going to be their most favorite cup or bowl. I want these wares to be cherished.”

Speckled handmade ceramic serving bowls green blue
Serving Bowl by Settle Ceramics at Fixe in Austin >


Zuzu Perkal

“I have always had a deep adoration for powerful vibrancy and social impact in my artwork which beautifies otherwise unnoticed public spaces.” We love Zuzu’s introspective approach to art and eye catching designs. Plus she has pink hair! 

Bye Felicia Mural by Zuzu Perkal at Kung Fu Saloon in Austin >

Stella Alesi

Stella Alesi has lived in Austin for the last 25 years. Her education has taken her around the globe and we love her bold abstract paintings.

Abstract geometrical paintings black orange blue
Paintings form the Journeying Series by Stella Alesi at Prizer Gallery in Austin >

Will Hatch Crosby

Will believes that art can be a powerful tool for creating and strengthening the interpersonal relationships between individuals and communities that form meaning in our lives. He strives to use this power for good by creating work that inspires others to use their own imagination and talents to build a better future for all creatures everywhere.

Black and White Sea Monster Austin Creators Mural
Hola Friend Mural by Will Hatch Crosby at East Cesar Chavez Street in Austin >

FeeBee Art

This artist’s murals can be found across the United States. They add pops of color and brightness wherever they are. She draws inspiration from pop art and also creates smaller works to bring her street art style into your own home.

Pop art mural blonde woman
Essex Pop Art Girl by FeeBee Art at Essex Modern City in San Antonio >

Kristen Freeman

Kristen’s vibrant murals and paintings are a celebration of “those who dare.” The contemporary murals can be found in different parts of Texas, primarily in Austin. She inspires us with bold colors and larger than life scaled works of art!

Larger than life red black white tango mural
Tango by Kristin Freeman at Buenos Aires Café in Austin >

Sapira Design

Sam Jacobson of Sapira Design creates stunning murals often with Surrealist themes. Sam spent most of her time in grade school telling anyone who asked that she was “going to grow up to be an artist.” We’re glad to see she achieved her dream!

Purple mother nature in desert mural
Mother Nature by Sapira Design at The Infinite Monkey Theorem in Austin >

Sole Paints the Blues

This Creator grew up in Argentina and found introspection through living in the US. She had a need to express herself in a way that transcended language. Her art is a reflection of memory, Latin identity, and possibility.

Pink abstract mural
Commissioned Mural by Sole Paints The Blues at a Private Home in Austin >

Meredith Pardue

Meredith describes her paintings as “nature inspired by abstraction.” Her floral and botanical themed artworks bring a calm and refreshing feel into the room. They also stand out as unique decor!

Abstract blues and greens painting in bedroom
Abstract blues and greens painting
And Now the Emerald Hills of Texas Hold My Gaze by Meredith Pardue at a Private Home in Houston >

Erin Donahue Tice Fine Art

Bold splashes of color, layers of texture, various mediums, and the definition – and absence of – shapes and spaces are customary of Erin Donahue Tice’s work. Her medium of choice is acrylics and she draws inspiration from her “happy place!”

Abstract painting process
Erin Donahue Tice Fine Art in Austin >

George Ayers

George works with acrylics, oils, and sometimes charcoal. His abstract works aim to “bring some color into your life,” and we think they do just that. He is inspired by great abstract artists such as Willem de Kooning, Hans Hoffmann, and Michael Goldberg. 

Multicolor abstract painting on black wall
Bright abstract multicolor painting
Hudson by George Ayres at a Private Home in Austin >

Julie Ahmad

Julie was inspired to start painting by her daughter. This stems from her pregnancy, during which she felt a strong burning creative desire. “I paint in an intuitive style, not always having the final outcome in mind from the start.”

Abstract diptych blues and gold
Blues and gold abstract painting
Mojo Risen I & II by Julie Ahmad Contemporary Art at a Private Home in Austin >


J Muzacz blends digital art with ancient mosaic techniques to create his incredible pop art and large scale murals. He describes his work as digital impressionism, “I like to think my mosaic work is at the intersection of community and folk art, with digital art, pop art, etc. it can take so many different forms” says J Muzacz. 

Pink street car mural
Street Car Mural by J MUZACZ in Flint >

Victrola Design / Victoria Corbett Art

Victoria Corbett runs a stationary company known for whimsical illustrations of flora & fauna. These themes are also reflected in her paintings, and bring a magical touch to their surroundings. She is inspired by her observations of the beauty surrounding her, by repetition, uniformity, and patterns found in nature.

Abstract Texas landscape painting in jungalow living room
Abstract Texas landscape painting Austin creators
Texas Landscape by Victrola Design / Victoria Corbett Art at The Wayback in Austin >

Caroline Wright

Caroline Wright dances across her large abstract paintings. By doing so, she brings music and movement into the visual field as a fine artist. She invites you to deepen your awareness and experience her artwork with all your senses.

Multicolor abstract painting
Warm multicolor abstract painting with blue
Palace (For Frankenthaler & Matisse) by Caroline Wright at a Private Home in Memphis >


This Creator’s woodworking creations can be found in Texas. She is “Driven by a passion for design and a faith in its ability to affect how we feel.” This feeling is reflected in the beautiful and sturdy pieces of furniture she creates.

Natural light wood bench by Austin Creators
Natural light wood bench by Austin Creators
Amble Bench by HALF HALT at Reinli Street in Austin >

Darcie Book

Darcie is a sculptural painter and installation artist. Her work explores paint as object and architecture through innovative processes using acrylic paint. Her large scale sculptures are awe-inspiring and are always vividly colorful and engaging.

Abstract multicolor sculpture
Midnight Oil by Darcie Book at School 33 Art Center in Baltimore >

Soul Matter Studio

Isabel Glatthorn is the talented Creator behind Soul Matter Studio. She is inspired by the peaceful beauty of our natural world. Soul Matter ceramics are made to “nourish the hearts and the minds of those who use them for years to come.”

Ceramic vases on natural wooden side tables
Handmade warm colored ceramic vase by Austin Creators
Vases by Soul Matter Studio at Ruta Maya Coffee in Austin >

Todd Sanders

Todd Sanders’ neon art evokes a time “when Americans found adventure simply by following the glow of gas-filled tubes beckoning toward fanciful roadside attractions.” He fell in love with those “slices of mid-century Americana”, and has built a career designing and crafting original, handmade neon works with the same time-honored techniques as those master sign-makers.

Neon yellow rose artwork on shed
Large red neon rose art by Austin creators
Yellow Rose Neon by Todd Sanders at a Private Home in Burton >

W. Tucker

Fun fact: all of W. Tucker’s works begin entirely unplanned! He also frequently uses his non-dominant hand to make lines and markings. The results are unique works of art that are completely inspired by their own creation.

Small painted cardboard box art by Austin Creators
Small painted cardboard box art by Austin Creators
Boxes on a Shelf by W. Tucker at Conduit Gallery in Dallas >

As you can see, there’s so much artwork to explore from Austin Creators. There really is a little bit of everything, so we’re sure you’ll find something to suit your style. Even better, you get to support hardworking Creators while doing so! This can make a huge difference and encourage artsits to keep creating within their communities. So whether you’re looking to commission a mural, hang a unique new painting in your space, or are just an art and design lover looking for your next favorite find, Austin Creators won’t let you down.

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Published on Jun 18, 2020

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