Woodwork Projects to Share with Dad this Father’s Day

By: Wescover

a href=”https://www.wescover.com/p/tables-by-ask-emil-skovgaard-at-private-residence–PrJ4VQ9TFL”>Modern natural wooden dining table Wooden Dining Table Ask Emil Skovgaard at a Private Home in Copenhagen >

Woodwork is a beautiful and intricate form of art and design. It ranges from large pieces of furniture like benches and dining tables to smaller items like wooden plates and shelves. For the woodworking dad, unique wooden projects may just be the perfect Father’s Day gift! Wooden pieces can act as accents for various styles of spaces. In some cases, they can even be the main focus, such as a dining room table. So he can incorporate a piece into his office space, living room, or even his workshop.

This Father’s Day, explore luxurious liquor cabinets, one of a king bookcases, eye catching end tables, and more woodwork he’ll love. We’re sure you’ll find a wooden gift that’s perfect. A custom wooden piece of furniture may even give his favorite tie a run for its money! Get inspired and share stunning woodwork projects with dad this Sunday by exploring pieces from our community of Creators >

Custom wooden plates
Wooden Plates by Muubs at a Private Home in Copenhagen >
Wooden cutting boards and platters
Assorted Wooden Boards and Platers by Galpón in Vancouver >

Custom wooden vanity and shower bench

Natural wooden shower bench
Wooden Furniture by Toronto Workshop at a Private Home in Toronto >
Live edge wooden shelving
Wood Shelf by Atelier Insolite at a Private Home in Neuchâtel >

Minimal wooden wall shelves

Minimal light wood shelves
Bookshelves by Lomas Furniture at a Private Home in Dartington >

Custom woodwork accent wall

Custom woodwork accent wall detail
Wooden Mosaic: Jasper Block by Arabesco at a Private Home in Krasnoyarsk >
Custom woodwork planters
Wooden Frame Planter by Trey Jones Studio at a Private Home in Washington >
Custom wooden joinery side table
Wooden Side Table by Joel Sayre at a Private Home in Seattle >
Custom woodwork ladder
Blanket Ladder by Walker & Wood at a Private Home in Nashville >
Custom woodwork liquor cabinet
Elm Liquor Cabinet by Zawalich Woodwork + Design at a Private Home in Little Compton >
Custom natural wooden liquor cabinet
A Liquor Cabinet for The Balvenie Connoisseurs of Craft by Roger&Sons at Roger&Sons in Singapore >
Light custom wooden bench
Diner Bench by Houtlander at Odrin in Johannesburg >
Custom unique woodwork table
Table by Burghwood at a Private Home in Pittsburgh >

Unique woodwork shelves

Unique wooden shelves
Hanging Shelf by Taidgh O’Neill in LA >
Custom wooden dining table
Dining Table by Fernweh Woodworking at a Private Home in Portland >


Circular wooden dining table
Belgrano Dining Table by Bayres Design at a Private Home in Melbourne >

We can’t get enough of our talented woodworking Creators. We love the versatility of woodwork pieces and how they can be customized or styled to fit any space. If you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift that will both impress and be a lasting addition to your dad’s home, Wescover has got you covered. Make sure you share these woodwork projects with dad this Sunday and get inspired!

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Published on Jun 20, 2020

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