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As Coronavirus poses new challenges for independent businesses, we believe it’s more important than ever to help our Creators get discovered and keep their businesses booming. The good news is that more and more consumers are looking for local art/design online! Whether it’s an interior designer looking for locals to commission or a consumer searching for something special for their home, we’re here to help them find exactly what they’re looking for, and make a deeper connection with the Creators behind the art/design. 

Ranking Algorithm Helps Users Find Great Content 

Wescover is full of thousands of amazing art and designs! Like Instagram or Pinterest, Wescover’s ranking algorithm determines the order of the content that users see when they’re scrolling through the website. Based on specific variables, it prioritizes which posts will appear towards the top, while other content ends up being placed further down on the page. The better your content, the higher and more often it appears!

Users browse Wescover by Items, Creators, or Spaces. When a user opens Wescover’s feed, the most relevant content to that user will appear towards the top. They can also narrow the results in the feed by location and/or keywords (for more on this, see our SEO Guide for Creators). 

So, how can you stand out among the thousands of authentic artists and designers on Wescover? We’re happy to reveal how our Creators can make the most of Wescover! 

Ranking Algorithm Essentials: What Creators Should Check For

Unlike a catalog, Wescover also reveals inspiring contexts and connections. That’s why we prioritize great items, connected to rich Creator pages and authentic Spaces. For Creators, it’s important to share great items and polish your page.  The basic elements our ranking algorithm looks for are: 

1. *New* Priced Items – Having a price or price range on your items will now give their placement a boost across the site! This new feature is helpful for potential buyers on the site who want to support creative businesses but are hesitant to ask about pricing. 

2. Claimed Creator Page – If you haven’t already claimed your page, claim it! Claimed pages verify it’s your work and allow it to appear higher in browsing. How can you tell if your page is unclaimed? If your page is unclaimed, it will say, “Are you the creator? Claim your page here” 

3. Creators with 10+ Items – Blank pages are not inspiring so our ranking algorithm prioritizes Creators who keep adding their work! The more items you have the more weight your page has. Set a monthly reminder to check for new items to add to your page. Note: Wescover is all about showcasing your sold work in-context of real spaces not catalog shots or rendered images. 

4. Items in Authentic Spaces – Accurately map your sold work to a specific location. Make sure to add the work you’ve sold to public spaces, like hotels and restaurants, first. These get priority since they inspire visitors with real context and show your credibility as a professional. Rendered images in fake locations aren’t authentic.  

5. Credited Interior Designer – Credit the interior designer / architect / art curator behind your project and it gets a boost as well. Giving credit helps the whole community!


Feature-Worthy Content: What Our Editors Are Looking For

Our Editors also review every new item added to Wescover each week! We up-vote great content so it’ll also appear higher in search results and so we can plan our next feature. Here are some of the first things our Editors look in feature-worthy content: 

1. Great Imagery – Your first image should always be in-context. While additional images clarify what item is yours and show details (like scale, materials, and quality). Guide to Images on Wescover >

2. Meaningful Descriptions – We’re always looking for unique pieces with a story! Share the creation story behind your work or something unique about the sale/install. Rich descriptions also help us find your work in searches for specific items or trends like “ombre macrame.” For more read our SEO guide! SEO Guide for Creators >

3. Pricing & Product Details – Pricing helps us promote your work and leads to more engagement with our users! A price, price range, or starting price adds context for Interior Designers, Homeowners, and Press. Don’t forget to mention material details and ordering info! How Pricing Works on Wescover >

4. Authentic Locations – Wescover is all about revealing your sold work in-context. So we’re looking for photos in real houses and public venues (like restaurants and hotels). Sold work shows you’re a professional and interior designers love to see your work stand out in a finished space! The Importance of Context on Wescover and beyond >


Ready to Check Your Creator Page?

Save this graphic or bookmark this article to guide you when you’re ready!

Creators, we’re here to help you achieve your creative goals! Let us know what you’d like to learn more about next email Social@Wescover. 

Published on Jun 24, 2020

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