Plant Hangers in Unique Design Styles

By: Wescover

Macrame woven plant hanger with potted plant Plant Hanger by Emily Nicolaides at The Elevator Collective in Richmond >

Plant hangers are a stylish way to display your plants and keep them thriving. There are so many ways to show off your plants – like getting them vertical! Our favorite plant hangers are made out of ceramics, macrame, wood, and even feathers.

Hanging your plants can lead the eye upwards and make your space feel taller. And even more, these little accent pieces are low maintenance but will complete any high end aesthetic. Although simplistic, these ultramodern design additions come in an array of sizes, colors, and materials. So you’re sure to find a style that suits your taste.

Create a nature wall in your home, decorate your windows with hanging succulents, and bring plants into every room with these high-toned planters. Part of the reason we love them is because they’re so versatile! You can customize and use them in so many different ways. They’re sure to be a guest favorite and their originality will create tons of personal charm. These design elements will also add a refreshing feel in any wall, empty space, or room. Check out the plant hangers we love by our talented Creators and bring a touch of nature into your space!

multicolor mixed media succulent hanging pots
Air Plant Hangers by Love Studio Ceramics at  Silk and Sage Design Studio in Austin >

multicolor cloud shaped succulent hanging pots
Cloud Air Plant Holder by Love Studio Ceramics at Love Studio Ceramics Studio in Austin >
Unique line wall plant mount

Unique line wall plant mount
Los Vibes by Amigo Modern at Commodity in Long Beach >
Macrame woven plant hanger with glass planter
Microsoft Plant Hangers by Modern Macramé by Emily Katz at Microsoft Way in Redmond >
Macrame woven plant hanger with pink potted plant
HANmademacrame Plant Hangers by Hanmademacrame at a Private Home in Prague >
Macrame woven plant hanger with potted plant
Macrame woven plant hanger with potted plant
Chunky Plant Hanger by Macrababy at a Private Home in West Footscray >
Mini pink macrame plant hanger
Mini pink macrame plant hanger
Macrame Plant Hanger by MacraMe2You at a Private Home in Martinsburg >
Macrame hanging plants in glass terrariums
Macrame Plant Hangers by Nova Mercury Design at Fleuriste Binette et filles in Montréal >
wooden square air plant hangers
wooden square air plant hangers
Divided by Relevant + Raw at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Irvine >
Painted brown and yellow plant hanger on chain
Air Plant Hanger by StudioGwyneth at a Private Home in Portland >
Mini wooden air plant hangers
Suspended Air Plant by Art of Plants and Elliptic Designs at 16 Handles in Brooklyn >
Macrame plant hanger with feathers
Little Growth Plant Hanger by Marissa Nicole Studio at a Private Home in California >
Chandeliers with plants
Plant Chandelier by Omer Arbel at Shay & Ivy in New York >
Large line plant wall mouth green plant
Line Hanging Planter by Trey Jones Studio at Design Within Reach in Washington >
Live wall plant hangers
Live wall plant hangers details
Plant Hangers by at a Private Home in Portland >

If you’re looking for a quick way to upgrade your space, this is the design trend for you! It’s easy to incorporate a little bit of nature into any existing room, and they can be customized with the plants of your choosing. Plus, the greenery will bring a fresh energy and revitalize your space! With so many options to choose from, you can’t go wrong with this cute and functional decor.

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Published on Jun 26, 2020

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