Yoga Art for Chill Studio Ambiance

By: Wescover

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Designing your dream yoga studio? These artworks inspired by yoga poses will harmonize your space and create a chill ambiance, perfect for practicing your poses or just unwinding after a long day.

Yoga is great for relaxing and strengthening the body, so it’s no surprise that yoga art can have a similar effect on your wellbeing. We’ve put together a list of artworks and spaces that will inspire you to find your inner yogi and encourage mindfulness. Need something to breathe new life into a tired space? Explore some yoga pose prints to get incentivized. Even better, take a look at some yoga art murals that will remind you to stop, take a minute, and be present in the current moment. 

Given the current state of the world, it is especially important to be mindful of yourself and your surroundings. Incorporating relaxing design elements and artworks into your space is an easy way to create a little tranquility in your life.

Yoga art will remind you to inhale positivity and exhale negative thoughts. And, it will have a similar effect in your space, creating a positive atmosphere. It will help you clear your mind and focus on your happiness and wellbeing, which is something we all need to remember to do right now. Take a mindful step in the right direction by checking out the yoga art below and prepare to be inspired!

floral Lotus Buddha framed sculpture
Buddha for Yoga Class Studio by Swapna Khade at a Private Home in Pune >

White mandala floor mural

White mandala floor mural
Yoga Shala Floor Mandala Mural by Urbanheart at Orion Healing in Thailand >

detail of watercolor painting of people doing yoga

Playful Yoga Print
Yoga People Painting by Sarana Haeata at Stackwood in Fremantle >

Purple Lotus Yoga Mural

Magnolia Yoga Interior Mural by Monica Rose Kelly at Magnolia Yoga Studio in New Orleans >

abstract yoga art painting of people doing yoga with beige frame and hanging beside a tall cactus

Abstract Yoga Pose Print
Yoga artwork by Sara Combs at The Joshua Tree Casita in Joshua Tree, CA

Lotus position mural nature

Outdoor mural of lotus position
Yoga by Kathryn Crawford Art at Asheville Community Yoga in Asheville >
Cubism Yoga Print
Lululemon Commission by Liz Flores at lululemon in Chicago >
Abstract yoga painting
Yoga Girl by Ofer Hod at a Private Home in Modi’in-Maccabim-Re’ut >
abstract outline yoga art
Follow Your Bliss by Kayla K Design at The Welder in Christchurch >

Calming text mural

Caligraphy wall mural
“Stay Calm Stay Bendy” Calligraphy Wall Mural by Leah Chong at Kate Porter Yoga River Valley in Singapore >
Bronze Yoga Statue
david varnau by Inspiration in Bronze® at 229 Main St in Edmonds >
custom indoor blue and white wall mural of woman in lotus position
Fringe Yoga Studio Mural by Hannah Adamaszek at The Coach House in Epping >


Outdoor headstand mural
Global-Truc by Antoine Martinet – MioSHe at the 14th arrondissement of Paris >
mosaic tile mural of a person in a lotus position in front of a sunset
Mosaic Tiles Mural by Mercury Mosaics at Lululemon at the Prudential Center in Boston >

colorful mandala purple and blue wall mural with birds and flowers at a yoga studio

Colorful Mandala purple and blue wall mural with flowers and birds in a yoga studio
Colourful Mandala Mural by Phlox Graphix at The Yoga Mat Madrid in Madrid >
woman going yoga in front of blue purple mandala mural
Yoga Mandala by by in Southport >
Abstract human figure yoga sculpture
Yoga Sculpture by Eudald De Juana Gorriz at Avalon Wellbeing Centre in Skipton >
Om pink white green floral sign
Om Floral Arrangement by Roam Flora at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa >
giant wooden sculpture of an upper body doing yoga
ASANA by ART With Me at Art / Music Venue in Mexico >

White mandala wall mural

White mandala wall mural
Natural Yoga Studio Mandala Mural by Urbanheart at Century Avenue in Pudong Xinqu >

Yoga and art are both known to help fight stress and calm anxiety, so naturally we put them together and got something even better! Yoga art will bring you peace and even discipline your design style by grounding the elements of a space. Explore spaces like Evolution Pilates & Yoga Studio’s LTD and Grace Yoga + Pilates for architectural design inspo, too!

So if you’ve been searching for a way to incorporate a sense of serenity into your design, look no further. Sometimes all we need is a little peace and quiet. Yoga art embodies just that; a stillness that will bring you a sense of tranquility, give you a mental break, and redefine an overwhelming space into a zen den of relaxation. 

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