Hexagon Tile: Unique Ways to Upgrade Your Space

By: Wescover

Hexagon tile featured image
Turquoise bathroom wall tile
kelly hexagon & black diamond by clé tile at Petit Trois in LA >

Hexagon tile designs are a modern decor staple with cosmopolitan style. The popularity of hex tiles is on the rise, and it’s because they’re so versatile! Even more, they’re some of the most diverse, functional, durable, and customizable elements in modern design. We’re seeing hexagon tile used around the globe as a way to elevate the function and style of any space.

These stylish tiles work with practically every aesthetic thanks to their ever practical hexagon shape. The common element in all hexagon tile designs is simple geometry and an eye for functionality. Like in a honeycomb or bubbles, hexagons appear in nature as the densest way to arrange circles in 2D. This means hex tiles can fully cover a surface and adapt to imperfect dimensions (without crude cuts that ruin the pattern). They can also be divided into 6 triangles which means this tile can be found in a plethora of diverse patterns, styles, and layouts (if you’re math-minded, checkout Wikipedia’s article on Hexagonal Tiling). While the shape of these tiles have a long history, Creators are intuitively using the them in unique, contemporary spaces. 

This design element may be a trend, but it’s also a timeless style decision that will last. Hex tiles are perfect for creating intricate floor patterns and bright ceramic wall decor. They can even be installed as a feature tile backsplash for kitchens or bathrooms. Still not convinced? You can also place colorful and uniquely patterned hexagon tile on any wall to create a distinct accent. And, you can customize these tiles by mixing different colored tile to create stunning mosaics or establish a color palette you can play with for years to come. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re renovating your current space or designing for a new room, you can’t go wrong with hexagon tile. Make sure you explore our favorite styles from our Creators and get inspired!

Starburst pattern hex tile

Starburst pattern hexagon tile

Starburst black white pattern backsplash detail Victory Tile by Zia Tile at a Private Home in Kansas City >

Blue 3D wall tile

3D blue hex decor detail
ModCraft Hexon Tile in Pacific Blue by ModCraft at a Private Home in Scottsdale >

Gray and white pattern hex tile


Gray white patter hex tile detail
Alston Tribeca Hexagon Tile by StoneImpressions at a Private Home in Boise >
Green hazy wall tile
Hex #8 by Kismet Tile at Hotel Covell in LA >
Blue hues hexagon tile wall detail
Hexagon Tiles Design in collaboration with Mercedes Austin by Mercury Mosaics at lululemon, CF Market Mall in Calgary >

Multicolor hex pattern tile

Multicolor triangle hex tile detail
Umbra Tile by Zia Tile at a Private Home in LA >

Black white gray pattern hexagone tile

Black white gray patter hexagon tile
Bar Carter by Ets Winckelmans at CARTER in Amsterdam >

Hex crream tile

Cement hexagon tile
Casablanca White Zellige Hex by Zia Tile at The Californian in San Diego >

White small pattern hex backsplash

Small white pattern hex backsplash detail
Alston Stilnovo Tile by StoneImpressions at a Private Home in Saint Croix >
Small white black floor pattern tile
Hexagon Tile by i29 at The Kitchen De Bijenkorf Utrecht in Utrecht >

Hand painted backsplash

Hand painted backsplash pigs
Mural of Tiles by HAAND at Daily Provisions in New York >

Shades of gray hex wall detail pattern

Cement shades of gray tile detail
Hive 3D Hexagonal Tiles by Giovanni Barbier at Embassy Suites by Hilton The Woodlands at Hughes Landing in The Woodlands >
Neon abstract tile decor
Hexagonal Summer Series I, II & III by Virginia Harding at Dr Beldholm – Body Contouring Surgeon in Lorn >

Hexagon tile is one of our favorite design trends right now. Mostly because it’s so versatile and can be used in any space. It’s also a classic statement that will never go out of style! It’s so easy to find stunning tiles to match your personal taste. Above all, you don’t have to wait to upgrade your floor, kitchen backsplash, or empty wall. Head over to Wescover and find the perfect hexagon tile for you. And don’t forget to check out all the designs our Creators have to offer!


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Published on Jul 17, 2020

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