Frog Art: 21 Fun Designs

By: Wescover

frog art feature art

Tree frog street mural Frog by Bruno Smoky at Trinity – Bellwoods in Toronto >

Frog art is a fun way to add a little playfulness to a space. Especially one that may be lacking in personality or dimension. It will give a room or outdoor area depth, and pieces that also feature water or lily pads can incorporate nature vibes. We’ve made sure to include furniture, dinnerware, murals, and lily pad art to make sure there’s something for everyone!

As for outdoor frog art, murals and sculptures are a unique way to add a lively art feature to a space. They can even be added to functional elements of a space such as fountains or doors for an extra touch of style for frequently overlooked places. Moreover, many of these works are very lifelike and feature extreme attention to detail and an innovative creative process. This makes them versatile in many ways as well as very durable and able to last outside!

Frog art is quirky, fun, and above all distinctively unique. If you’re looking for a one of a kind piece of art, these works will surely meet your expectations. Even more, they bring energy into a space and some even create the illusion of movement which will help your space flow. Check out these 21 exciting pieces of frog art and prepare to be inspired!

large gear inspired frog art

XXL Sculptural Wall Medallion Hanging
XXL Medallion Artwork ‘Lets Focus’ by Carina Wagenaar at a Private Home in The Netherlands >
Set of Water Lily Watercolor Paintings
Lily Pond Paintings by Robert Adzema at a Private Home in New York >
Prince Frog Sculpture
Sissy Frog Prince by Helle Rask Crawford at KjellerupKjellerup in Denmark >
Leap Frog Sculpture
Leap Frog by Helle Rask Crawford at KjellerupKjellerup in Denmark >
Frog Outdoor Mural
Amphibians by Hagopian Arts at University City Housing in Philadelphia >
Impressionist Waterlily painting
Lily Series by Michelle B. Noah Current Artist Workshop at a Private Home in Dallas >

Blue water painting with pink waterlilies
Water Lily Serenity by Elena Parau at a Private Home in Bogotá >
Large green frog Head Sculpture
Big Frog by Jim Sardonis at Vermont Technical College in Randolph >
Colorful Waterlily Painting
PURITY by Athina Janice Artwork at a Private Home in Dubai >

Pop Art Waterlily and Frog Painting

Frog and Waterlily Pop Art
Leap Frog by Pam McDonnell Art at L Ross Gallery in Memphis >
Metal Waterlily sculptural Table
Nenuphar Table by Paula Swinnen at a Private Home in Brussels >
Sculptural Metal Waterlily Table
Nenuphars Sofa Table by Paula Swinnen at a Private Home in Brussels >
Tree Frog with crown and chain Street Mural
Frog Prince Mural y Max Ehrman (Eon75) at Community Thrift in San Francisco >
Abstract Frog Illuminated Headboard
Frog Triptych Headboard by Sabina Hill at Skwachàys Lodge in Vancouver >

Waterlily Photograph on black background

Waterlily Photograph on black background
Water Lillies 4775 by Chris Becker at a Private Home in New Canaan >
Pop Art Waterlily Painting
Tasman Lily Pond 18 by Jvilla Art at a Private Home in Amsterdam >
Painted Ceramic Plate with frogs
Light Green Frog Design Soup Plate by Ceramica Assunta Positano at Le Sirenuse Miami in Surfside >
Stained glass window with 2 frogs
Haida Tree Frogs by Glass Act Studio at a Private home in Calgary >
Neutral Waterlily Wallpaper
Lilies Collection (Wallpaper) by Phillip Jeffries at a Private Home in Charleston >

Frog and Rainforest painted door

Frog and Rainforest Door detail
Frog and Flower Door by Pixie London at Craving Coffee in London >

Frog art is a wonderful design option that can suit many different styles. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to elevate a room with lily pad designs or create a statement with an eccentric mural. This trend has something for everyone and is an easy way to add a little fun and creativity to a space. Make sure you explore all the frog art that Wescover has to offer and get ready to hop on this trend!

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Published on Jul 24, 2020

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