35 Unique Flower Vase Designs You’ll Want in Your Home

By: Wescover

white ceramic flower vase blue kitchen

white tall bud vase blue room Ceramic Vase by Erica Prince at a Private Home in Brooklyn >

The classic flower vase just got an upgrade to the top of our hot home décor list. Artists and designers alike are creating contemporary styles of vases and vessels that we can’t wait to fill. Like performance art; they carry life and nature into our homes. They add to the overall design of a space and many of the vases on our list create a distinct feel in a room. Whether that’s edgy Boho style, vibrant pops of color, or clean and sleek designs, a flower vase will effortlessly increase the character of a space. In this way, they are suitable for a variety of different aesthetics. A flower vase and their botanical arrangements are also such an easy way to add a little greenery to your space. Or, leave them empty and display them as statement décor pieces. 

One of the best things about flower vases is that they are extremely versatile. It’s true, and many of these vases are standout works of art on their own. From bold geometric patterns to vases that resemble human figures, there is sure to be a design for every home. What’s more, they are all handcrafted by talented Creators. In many cases, the hand of the artist is intentionally left visible, which adds a handmade touch to your overall design.

Carry life and nature into your home with these authentic, hand crafted flower vases! 

Fluted Bottle Neck White Vase
Vase by nikisanceramics at a Private Home in Brussels >


Tall Cylindrical Flower Vase with a Face in Gray

Vase by Studio Bean at a Private Home in London >

Minimal Organic Shape White Vase
Vase by OAK + FORT Home at Melissa Coulter’s Home in Courtenay >
Lantern Vase by Lauren Herzak-Bauman at a Private Home in Cleveland >
Textured Small White Vase
White Vase by Ceramics by Charlotte at a Private Home in Maffe >
Rectangular Prism Black and White Crackle Pattern Vase with Gold Accent
Bud Vase by Pierre Bounaud Ceramics at aPrivate Home in San Francisco >
White Minimal Flower Vase with Imprinted Repeating Pattern
Vase by Jennifer Spring Ceramics at a Private Home in Seattle >
Skinny White Vase with Peacock Eyes Pattern
Vase by Sandra Torres at a Private Home in Ojai >
Clean Minimal Inverted Cone Shaped Vase
Vase by Vessel USA Inc. at a Private Home in Escondido >
Striking Blue Egg Shaped Vase with Speckle Pattern
Vase by Ben Owen Pottery at The Durham Hotel in Durham >
White Cylindrical Vase with Crying Eyes Repeating Pattern
Crybaby triplet vase by Jamila Goods – Jess Miller at a Private Home in Queens >
Textured Micro Spike Cylindrical Nude Ceramic Vase
Ceramic Vase by Camp Copeland Studio at a Private Home in Braddock >
Clean Cylindrical Vase in Cheeta Print
Khaki Leopard Vase by Helen Jones Ceramics at a Private Home in England >
Minimal Wide White Vase with Bottleneck and Face
Vase by Kristina Kotlier at a Private Home in  Los Angeles >
Fluted White Vase in Lantern Shape
Basket Vase by LAM Ceramica Venezia at a Private Home in Venice >
Egg Shaped Minimal Vase in White and Brown
Vase #86 by studionero. / Gregor Titze at Klimt-Villa in Wien >
Conceptual U Shaped Vase in Coral with Speckles
U-Vase by Cloud 9 Clay at a Private Home in Los Angeles >
Small Textured Vases in Blue and White
Small Vase by April Gates at a Private Home in Hamilton >
Diamond Shaped Vases with Raised Organic Shape Outlines
Tidal Vase by Ron Dier Design at Philharmonic House of Design in Ritz cove in Orange County >
Minimal Cylindrical Vase with Gold Tipped Breasts
Vase by Studio Bean at a Private Home in London >
Off White Speckled Donut Vase
Donut Vase by Cloud 9 Clay at North Bowl in Philadelphia >
Wide and Flat Circular Vase
Vase by Cooee Design at Jenni’s Home in Maryland >
Black Cone Shaped Vase with Tan Plant Design
Bud Vase by Laura Keyes at a Private Home in Weaverville >
White Spherical Vase with Tall Cylindrical Bottleneck
Vase by West Elm at a Private Home in London >
Dark Olive Vase with V shaped Cut
Vase by Humble Hand Co. at a Private Home in Carlisle >
White Vase with protruding Spike Accents
Studded Vase by Clay and Iron at a Private Home in Los Angeles >
Subtle Speckled Vase in Light Pink and Faint Blue
Vase by Sarah Bartlem Ceramics at a Private Home in Wales >
Porcelain Head Vase Man and Woman
Grammichele trucco Vase by Waiting for the bus in Private Home in Pantelleria >
Tall Cylindrical Vase with White and Green Swirl
Stellar Vase by Sarah Cihat at a Private Home in Nashville >

These beautiful flower vases have been formed in various styles and finishes. Their versatile designs allow them to fit seamlessly into your existing design style. Or, use them as accent pieces that create a statement in your home! Whatever your intentions, our Creators have a flower vase to suit your home décor needs.

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Published on Aug 7, 2020

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