A Geometric Rug Will Upgrade Your Design

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Vibrant Geometric Kaleidoscope Rug Kaleidoscope Geometric Rug by Sonya Winner Rug Studio at a Private Home in London >

A geometric rug is bright, bold, and lively. It is an exciting way to add eccentric hues, patterns, and textures to your home. When designing a space, furniture, wall treatments, and lighting are always taken into account. Unfortunately, rugs and carpet are often overlooked. However, rugs are much more than a simple design element. They also have an enormous impact on the over all aesthetic and function of your space. 

Amidst the current trend of sleek modernist homes, a geometric rug offers warmth and style. If you prefer a sparse, minimalist style, you may want to consider a rug with more vibrant colors. Or a perhaps a prominently patterned rug for added high end design. In the case that your furniture is already heavily patterned and bold, you may want to choose a geometric rug with a more subtle color palette.

First, to choose the perfect geometric rug, consider how you interact with your space. Do you wear shoes or slippers indoors? Or do you prefer to experience your flooring in bare feet? Imagine the different sensations, both visual and physical. Perhaps a textured shag rug would feel best between your toes. Or maybe you would prefer a cleaner experience with a kilim rug. 

Either way, with the advent of the “work from home” phenomenon, we are spending more time at home than ever before. Rugs can actually help enhance the quality of your space. What’s more, a geometric rug also doubles as a work of art. Their patterns are interesting and engaging and will elevate the interior design of a room.

Bonus design tip: if your space is classically minimalist with many hard surfaces, you can eliminate coldness and create a vibrant and comforting ambiance by incorporating a geometric rug. 

Here is a curated selection of rugs from authentic Wescover rug makers. These Creators have crafted rugs using centuries old processes in a variety of styles to suit any aesthetic. Find your ideal geometric rug and easily elevate your space!

Vibrant Prism Rug in Multi Color
Prism Vibrant Modern Rug by Sonya Winner Rug Studio at a Private Home in London >
Vibrant Overlapping Rectangles Multicolor Rug
After Albers Deep Geometric Area Rug by Sonya Winner Rug Studio at a Private Home in London >
Black and White Repeating Diamond Pattern Jute Rug
Jute Rug by Revival Rugs at Kate Chipinski’s Home in Minneapolis >
Black and Gold Geometric Repeating Diamond Pattern Rug
Geometric Carpet by Radici by Fyber at Science Hotel in Szeged >
Overlapping Rectangles Rug in Blue
After Albers Cornflower Contemporary Area Rug by Sonya Winner Rug Studio at a Private Home in London >
Pantone and White Repeating Pattern Rug
atrium rug by eye heart hand at a Private Home in Westport >
Grey Minimalist Geometric Pattern Rug
ITAMI – Hand Knotted rug by Riviere Rugs at a Private Home in London >
Offset Overlapping Rectangle in Cold Colors Rug
Rectangles Art Silk Rug by Sonya Winner Rug Studio at a Private Home in London >
Modern Minimalist Geometric Rug with Grey Border
Wall Art / Rug by Things I Imagined at a Private Home in Copenhagen >
Long Offset Geometric Overlap Multi Colored Runner Rug
Magic Stepping Stones Runner Rug by Sonya Winner Rug Studio at a Private Home in London >
Tasteful Multi Colored Kilim Rug with Linear Elements and Beige Background
“Thing 1” Kilim Rug, Open Edition Super-Fine New Zealand Wool Yarn with Fringes by Johanna Boccardo at a Private Home in Miami >
Handwoven Textile Wall Hanging in beige and black repeating pattern
(Wall Hanging/Rug) by TANU handwoven textiles at a Private Home in Santa Fe >
Multi Colored Hand Woven and Dyed Hemp Rug
House of the Standing Moon Rug by TANU handwoven textiles at a Private Home in Santa Fe >
Overlapping Multi Colored Squares Rug
After Matisse Contemporary Rug by Sonya Winner Rug Studio at a Private Home in London >
Multi Colored Minimalist Rug with Elongated Rectangular Elements
Hand tufted Wool Rug by Rugged at a Private Home in Ahmedabad >

Enhance the tactile experience of your space and elevate your interior design. Choose from a wide spectrum of colors, patterns and textures and find the best geometric rug for you space today.

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Published on Aug 14, 2020

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