New Feature: Add a Location Type

By: Wescover

Wescover started as a place to map your sold work in-context of real, public spaces. However, not every item has to be sold or in a public space. As more and more buyers come to Wescover, we’re excited to show them the range of your work. Whether it’s sold, in a temporary location, or in your studio. So we’ve added a location type to each item.

Where is your work pictured? Select the location type under “As Seen In”

There’s now a drop down menu to select the location type when you add or edit an item. This is titled “As seen in” as it should clarify where your work is photographed.

So, what type should I choose? There are four main types of venues where creators showcase their works. Creators can now choose one of these locations to classify your work. Most importantly, get to know what goes in “My Studio”!

1. Establishment (Hotel, Restaurant, Office, etc.)

Great examples of items as seen in “Establishment” for Michelin Star restaurant Bellota and the Virgin hotel. New buyers are excited to get the same item as these incredible venues!

We love in-situ pictures in public spaces aka establishments— they look fantastic and boost your credibility. Public spaces are also an opportunity for potential buyers to experience your work in-person! Use this type for pieces in or projects commissioned by spaces like hotels, restaurants, offices, and cafes. 

2. Private Home

Great examples of items as seen in a “Private Home” both for an anonymous homeowner and a named influencer’s house.

Items seen in Private Homes are great inspiration for consumers and home buyers. Pieces in private homes should be sold and pictured in-context too. Note, we don’t list the full location for private homes but, if it’s an influencer’s home or known residence, you can name it.

3. Street Art

Great examples of items as seen in “Street Art”. These items can be commissions on private walls but, not apart of (or on) an Establishment like the exterior of a hotel.

Street art is a great way for everyone and anyone to see your work. These pieces are very public and have no barrier to seeing them. Note, choose Street Art if the most precise location you can give is a cross section or address without a name. It’s better to have a recognizable name on your Wescover map than cross streets. So, if your murals is on the exterior or interior of a private venue, like a restaurant or side of a hotel, choose the option “Establishment” instead.

4. My Studio/Showroom (or rendered photo)

Great examples of items as seen in “My Studio/Showroom”. These items are for sale but pictured in-context and clearly show the location.

Select “My Studio/Showroom” for new work in staged contexts and any items that are not sold yet. Any items shown in staged spaces or manufactured backgrounds should go in this category so buyers know it’s not already sold. Say you’ve just finished a new painting that you’d like to sell. Photograph it in your home or your studio space instead of on a white background.


Classifying the locations of your work will help your buyers understand where your work ended up and how to get their own. Buyers will be more equipped to make better purchasing inquiry decisions too! 

Do a quick update of your item locations today >

Published on Aug 14, 2020

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