34 Unique Pastel Wallpaper Designs

By: Wescover

River Wallpaper by Emma Hayes at a Private Home in Toronto >

Pastel wallpaper can create a dynamic dialogue between the architecture and décor of a room. However, mass produced wallpaper trends can make a room feel dated all too quickly. The trick to picking the perfect style is narrowing down your pallet and finding a unique Creator-made design…

No matter who makes it, start by narrowing down your options by color scheme or style. If you’re on the fence, always consider context. Take stock of what’s already in your interior: patterns, colors, and décor in the space. A wallpaper with a bold pattern can make a room pop or feel crowded. If there is already patterned furniture in your space, go with a soft, abstract wallpaper pattern. If your space is more minimal, don’t be afraid to bring in more visual texture and contrast with a bold wallpaper. 

You’ve come to the right place to discover unique pastel wallpaper— made by local artists and designers you’ll feel great supporting! On Wescover we showcase unique art, decor, and furniture made by authentic Creators in our community. We’ve noticed so many of our artists and designers are crossing over into wall treatments. They’re turning their signature style into wallpaper with fine art appeal. In many designs, notice the brush strokes which are intentionally left visible so that the handmade touch of the creator shines through. 

Our list has been carefully curated based on style, quality, durability, and authenticity. Here are some of our favorite artisan wallpapers, designed to elevate your interior.

Warm Toned and Pink Pastel Wallpapers:

#1 Pick: Palmeraie – Lumier by Eskayel

pink landscape pastel wallpaper
Palmeraie – Lumier by Eskayel as seen in Holy Matcha, San Diego, CA. >

pink landscape scene pastel wallpaper

blush pink pastel wallpaper black accentsoft pastel pink pastel wallpaper cheetah print overlay

pink peachy watercolor splotches pastel wallpaperbeige pastel wallpaper women people pattern

Oversize floral pastel wallpaper pink flowers white background

soft pastel wallpaper delicate branches white splotches

art nouveau pastel wallpaper pastel pink and green floral pattern

two tone yellow and white pastel wallpaper branch pattern

feature white wallpaper yellow and pink splatter

tropical banana leaf pastel wallpaper white background

two tone pastel wallpaper gold flower medallion pattern

Cool Tones and Blue Pastel Wallpaper:

#1 Pick: Kintsugi Hand Painted Wallcovering by Porter Teleo

metallic hand painted pastel wallpaper
Kintsugi Hand Painted Wallcovering by Porter Teleo >

gold light blue pastel wallpapergiant blue banana leaves pastel wallpaper print

Hand Painted Pastel Wallpaper blue and white

green and white pastel wallpaper intricate Tool pattern

pastel wallpaper semi circles rectangles in pink, mint, green and yellow

Black, White & Gray Pastel Wallpapers:

#1 Pick: Chatty Pale Grey Wallpaper by Metolius

pale gray light grey abstract watercolor pastel wallpaper
Chatty Pale Grey Wallpaper by Metolius >

White and Grey Pattern Pastel Wallpaper intricate geometric design

pastel wallpaper purple medallion pattern gold accent

Grey monochromatic palm tree pastel wallpaper neon light decor



Choosing pastel wallpaper from Wescover ensures that you are getting handmade, one of a kind styles. Even more, you will simultaneously be supporting authentic Creators who dedicate their livelihood to creating unique designs people will love. With so many options to choose from, there’re a pastel wallpaper for every room.

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Published on Aug 18, 2020

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