Wood Chandelier Designs for Every Style

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Wooden Chandelier Opulent faux candles Beige Black Chain Accent Traditional Style Retro French Country Carved Wood Chandelier by Homary.com at a Private Home in Joliet >

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A wood chandelier will create a stunning feature in your space. No matter your style, these wood chandelier designs suit a variety of preferences. They are perfect if you’re looking to create a space that exudes authenticity and originality. This is because the independent Creators building these chandeliers are experts in their craft. Furthermore, they are conscious of the way in which they source their design elements.

Did you know wood light fixtures were traditionally used in French provincial style or craftsman style homes? By contrast, our innovative Creators have transformed rustic style chandeliers into contemporary works of art. Each wood chandelier at Wescover was carved and varnished by hand. What’s more, many also feature reclaimed wood. This all goes to show that all of them retain an authenticity that can only be achieved through old fashioned craftsmanship. 

Nowadays, designers want people to connect with their spaces. A great way for them to do this is choosing art and design that was made and sourced responsibly. This is something that simply cannot be achieved through factory produced designs. Lastly, our wood chandelier styles add a bona fide touch that will elevate your space while also supporting a community of hardworking craftspeople.

See our carefully curated list and find the perfect wood chandelier for your space made by unique Creators.

Cubist sculptural wood chandelier
Spiral Chandelier by Nellcote Studio at The Beuro in Singapore >
Dome hanging pendant lights
Bell Olive & Maple by Wood U Light at a Private Home in Athens >
Wood and rope hanging light fixture
Custom Wrap Chandelier with Rope Pendants by Hangout Lighting at Harry’s Ocean Bar & Grille in Cape May >
Geometric Wood chandelier
Andromeda Chandelier by Cosmic Builders Intergalactic llc at a Private Home in Cincinnati >
Geometric wood and metal chandelier
Earth and Air Pendant by Cosmic Builders Intergalactic llc at a Private Home in Cincinnati >
Oversized round wooden light fixtures
Bent Wood Chandelier by Louw Roets at Schoon Manufactory Café in Stellenbosch >
Bell shaped spindle pendant lights
Wooden Ceiling Lamps ‘Liset 100’ by ANEKOdesign at Miya Japanese grill and bar in Aylesbury >
Round Spindles hanging pendant light
Wooden ceiling lamps ‘Roberto 008’ and ‘Roberto 012’ by ANEKOdesign at 6080 Collins Ave in Miami Beach >
Minimal wire cage pendant light
Work Lamp by Liqui Group in London, United Kingdom >
Exposed beam chandelier
Chandelier by MooBoo Home at a Private Home in Torquay >
Glass Pan-pipe light fixture
Folded Parabola Chandelier by Neptune Glassworks in Los Angeles >
Rustic exposed wood pendant lights
Farmers Barn Chandelier by Mulligan’s at Mulligans in West Hollywood >
Triangular wood chandelier
Bluebell Chandelier by Alex Drew & No One at The Charles T. Fisher Mansion in Detroit >
Hanging chairs chandelier
Chair Chandelier by Charles Linder at a Private Home in San Francisco >
Wooden sculptural light fixture hanging bulbs
Wood Art Chandelier by Sweet Home Wiscago at a Private Home in Chicago >

Our independent Creators are dedicated to their craft and create their work responsibly. In essence, they add extra charm and character to your space with each piece. Don’t miss out on one of a kind, handcrafted wood chandeliers on Wescover.

Published on Sep 11, 2020

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