Bauhaus Luxe Lighting: ILANEL Design Studio

By: Wescover

Lighting is a core element in both interior design and architecture. While a novice designer looks for a light to illuminate, a pro knows to find a fixture that rises above its function and becomes an artistic element. With this in mind, we’re big fans of ILANEL Design Studio for creating lighting that’s the highlight of every space— never an afterthought. 

Reminiscent of Bauhaus and Art Deco styles, ILANEL’s designs are accessible, uncomplicated and yet striking. For over a decade the team has been coming up with unique lines and custom designs from their Melbourne atelier. The studio’s creator, Ilan El, and his team freely innovate with the design of their structures to achieve specific effects. Each piece creates an experience with light itself as it diffuses, emanates and reflects within a room. The results are stunning, mood-setting features: dangling pendants twinkle like cascading raindrops while colorful orbs align into geometric chandeliers. 

With quality at the forefront and a decade together, it comes as no surprise that ILANEL produces an array of stunning pieces that are both elegant and luxurious. These sophisticated fixtures are quickly setting standards for experiential lighting in large-scale hospitality projects and custom residential designs.

Ilan El portrait

Name: Ilan El

Hometown: Tel Aviv

Current City: Melbourne

First source of inspiration/style: International Style/Bauhaus

My creative business is… A talented team of 10+ employees.

Why do you like being a part of Wescover? It captures the signs of the time and fosters innovation.

If I were an art or design movement I would be… Art Deco

What’s the coolest thing about your process? Collaboration.

How is your creative business setup? Design to a need.

If I could only bring one tool to a desert island it would be… Leatherman tool. Solar chandelier by Nea Studio. Anything by Albert Iglesias.

My favorite Creator on Wescover is… MVRDV

Teal bubble chandelier
Tree of Light by ILANEL Design Studio at a Private Home in Windsor >


Hanging silver pendants chandelier
Heavy Rain Chandelier by ILANEL Design Studio at a Private Home in South Yarra >


Hanging gold pendant lights
Rain Pendants + Chandelier by ILANEL Design Studio at The Ritz-Carlton, Astana, in Kazakhstan >


Hanging silver gold pendants chandelier
Heavy Rain Chandelier by ILANEL Design Studio at Senopati Suites in Indonesia >


Geometric metal chandelier pair
Custom Supernova by ILANEL Design Studio at a Private Home in Mount Eliza >


Bauhau black wall sconce
Black Rain Sconce by ILANEL Design Studio at ILANEL DESIGN STUDIO in Australia >


Classic three tier chandelier
Wisteria by ILANEL Design Studio at Charles Rose Jewellers – Bourke Street in Melbourne >

Discover standout, original lighting from ILANEL Design Studio and bring a little luxury into your space. 

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Published on Sep 18, 2020

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