Product Update: New Account Settings

By: Wescover

New! Update your contact info and send messages from buyers to your team. Now you can update directly from the Account Settings page.

Creative businesses are all structured differently. Some independent artists manage all their own sales while some design studios may have a few team members managing sales. No matter who is in-charge of your communications, it’s so important to reply to everyone who inquires.

Whether it’s an interior designer or home owner, potential buyers are very excited to communicate with Creators. When they never hear back, it could discourage them from supporting Creators and only buy mass-produced decor instead. Never leave a buyer’s message un-replied. Even if they aren’t a fit for a sale right now, they may recommend you to a friend or remember your brand in the future.

That’s why we created a way for you to customize who receives inquiries to buying your work on Wescover.

Sign in and Find “Account Settings” Under Your Name

Update your Primary Contact

Click “Edit” to Add More Contacts for Your Inquiries!

When you click “edit” next to Inquiry/Sales Contact you’ll seen the option to also add more contacts.

Interested buyers are eager to connect with Wescover Creators. That human connection is what makes us stand out from our corporate counterparts. Therefore, replying to all inquires is a crucial aspect of creating a positive community. Check out this new product update to help you with these needs.

Published on Sep 21, 2020

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