Oversized Mirror Designs for a French Inspired Décor Upgrade

By: Wescover

Hot pink full length mirror OUT FRIEDRICH Mirror by OUT Objekte Unserer Tage at Ohlauer Str. 42 in Berlin >

Decorate and elevate your space with an oversized mirror. Whether you’re designing a new place in its entirety or want a decor upgrade, these big mirrors are such an easy way to make a room feel like it’s doubled in size and high end design. At Wescover, versatile designs with a multifunctional aspect will always be at the top of our list.

While these styles can be incorporated into many rooms to give anything from an Old Hollywood to Contemporary French vibe, oversized mirrors are derivative of large Parisian apartments. In addition to white walls, cream accents, and stunning crown molding, large standing mirrors are a way to make small city apartments feel larger and more airy. Picks from this list of mirrors can elevate shabby chic aesthetics with Parisian inspiration, such as one that features bright colors. On the other hand, loud and vibrant spaces can be toned down and grounded with classic wooden frame options. Either way, the chosen space will feel bigger and brighter.

We love handcrafted items that have been sourced and produced responsibly with care. In this way, Wescover mirrors are unique compared to their mass produced counterparts. This is largely due to the original artists and designers behind each piece. By supporting Creators, you can rest assured that the product you receive has been made with expert craftsmanship and quality at the forefront of the design. Even more, the character and charm they exude puts them in a class of their own. 

From hot pink statement mirrors to window inspired designs that create the illusion of larger spaces with bright natural light, see our curated list of oversized mirror styles and bring a luxe feel to your space.

River design wooden mirror
Maple Burl Live Edge Standing Mirror by Lumberlust Designs at a Private Home in Scottsdale >
Classic wood frame oversized mirror
SACHI FLOOR MIRROR by Hendrix The Maker at a Private Home in Byron Bay >
Geometric hanging mirror
GEM Mirror by Robert Sukrachand at a Private Home in New York >
Modern wood frame oversized mirror
Camila Mirror y Oxford Street Furniture at a Private Home in  Philadelphia >
Metal frame large mirror
Mirrors by J. POCKER BESPOKE FRAMES AND FINE ART at J Pocker in New York >
Window frame style mirror
Prisma Mirror by Alex Drew & No One at a Private Home in Portland >
Circular oversized mirror
Mirror by ASH NYC at a Private Home in Central Park North >
Contemporary rounded oversized mirror
Takada Mirror by SECOLO at a Private Home in London >
Geometric cut mirror
Mirror by Amboan at a Private Home in València >
Window pane oversized mirror
Mirror by Embassy interiors at a Private Holme in Wrocław >
Hanging circle bathroom mirrors
Mirrors by Trit House at The Island Gold Coast in Surfers Paradise >
Gold frame circle mirror
Mirror by Allison Lind Interiors at a Private Home in New York >
Mirror with live edge frame
Live edge walnut mirror by Abodeacious at a Private Home in Evanston >
Oval oversized mirror
Solis Mirror by Simon Johns at a Private Home in New York >
Industrial round mirror
One Shot Mirror by Mark Albrecht Studio at HOLLY HUNT in Miami >
Large gold round mirror
Mirror by F+M FOS – The Art of Lighting at a Private Home in United Arab Emirates >

An oversized mirror from an original Creator is an easy way to bring style and charm into your space. Handmade with care, these designs are unique, functional, and stylish.

Published on Oct 2, 2020

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