Interior Design Perspective: Crystal Sinclair

By: Wescover

Born and raised in Texas, Crystal Sinclair draws inspiration from her upbringing as well as her current digs in New York City. This means lots of contrast between colors and textures that allow her personal style to shine. Mostly, her spaces consist of elegance and refinement with hints of warmth and coziness. Hear what she had to say about her interior design perspective.

Q: Not everything in a space has to be designer, but we all hope to have at least a few special pieces. What unique or custom elements of art/design do you think are worth buying?

Art is something to invest in! depending on the space a custom piece (ie: banquette or cabinet) to fit a room can really maximize space and is worth the splurge.

Q: What aspects make it challenging to find unique art/designs?

What is a huge advantage is also a disadvantage – there are SO many outlets/sites to find something sometimes it can be overwhelming and really time consuming. Custom pieces can be exactly what you want/need them to be – however if you’re not careful with the details you might end up with something that isn’t what you expect. You really have to provide a detailed drawing to ensure the maker sees your vision and can accomplish it as you see it.

Q: How often do your clients request something unique or custom?

A challenge I’m often presented with is when a client wants to find the perfect sofa or chair but demands a testing first – meaning they want to sit in it before making the splurge. this isn’t always possible and really limits options.

Q: Does buying unique make a positive global impact? How do interior designers play a role?

YES! You can source something special artisans in Africa make everyday! You’re not only getting a quality, unique piece but you’re supporting their economy as well. As a designer I can source from wherever I choose – whether that be a small local business, a larger company, or an artisan in a different country.

Q: Do you have any advice for Creators?

Who’d love to connect and collaborate with designers like you? provide shop drawings! it shows the designer how they’re interpreting the design the designer provided.

Q: What are your top 3 favorite items or Creators you spotted on Wescover?

I love Cuff Studio in particular these items:




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