Interior Design Perspective: Becca Interiors

By: Wescover

Art and interior design go hand in hand. Just ask interior designer Becca Casey of Becca Interiors! Extra special if sourced locally, artwork can elevate an interior space while allowing the personal taste of individual’s to shine. Hear what she had to say about art inspired design.

Q: Not everything in a space has to be designer, but we all hope to have at least a few special pieces. What unique or custom elements of art/design do you think are worth buying? 

Art is often very subjective, and really should be based on the client or owners own tastes. To make artworks worthy to the homeowners, I always insure to get to know my clients’ own tastes and even preferred hobbies so that the artwork draws meaning and can truly personify and reflect their own personalities into the home. 

Q: As a professional interior designer, you play the role of visionary, curator, and project manager. What aspects make it challenging to find unique art/designs? What’s good and bad about the process of working with Creators on custom pieces? 

In a world where design is largely now reliant on technology, finding artworks that are completely unique can be quite tricky in such a saturated market. We enjoy the endeavours of scanning different outlets both online and in local boutiques to come across any up and coming artists and creators to feature in our clients homes. The beauty of working with artists is that they can create a bespoke piece which works with the palette of your schematic, making it a truly unique and special piece for the space.

Q: How often do your clients request something unique or custom? What do they typically ask for and what are their criteria/priorities for bigger budget items or focal pieces? (ie. they want to buy local, made-to-order or sustainable goods) 

Our clients for the most part look to our guidance on selecting artworks that will round out the spaces in their home. For formal spaces, we tend to go the custom route as it’s usually most warranted. For areas where we are looking to fill the gap, we will curate vintage works or look for ready made pieces that will be complementary to the space.

Q: Does buying unique make a positive global impact? How do interior designers play a role? 

Absolutely! Shopping small and supporting local and boutique artisans is such a positive way to give back. Especially in todays world, showing your support for female or black entrepreneurs is such a powerful show of appreciation from one business to another. One which we are deliberately cognizant of when sourcing special pieces. 

Q: While they’re both creatives, Creators sometimes don’t understand the challenges of accomplishing projects as an Interior Designer. Do you have any advice for Creators (like painters or furniture designers) who’d love to connect and collaborate with designers like you? 

Reach out to a designer that you feel would be complementary to your line or aesthetic. Ask them if they have anything they are working on that you could help provide a piece for. And always include imagery of your work at the bottom of your email as a visual for designers to see. Many larger firms receive inquiries from artists on a weekly basis. Having a snippet of your work to show will help get your foot in the door, and peak interests immediately.

Q: What are your top 3 favorite items or Creators you spotted on Wescover?

1. RF. Alvarez – I have admired Roberts works for some time now, and so look forward to the day that we include one of his gorgeous pieces in a space

2. Theia Tiles – I love the rich glossy glaze of these Portuguese tiles. Their appearance are symbiotic to the traditional ceramic tiles of Lisbon, and will add an antiqued aesthetic to any space

3. Blue Print Amsterdam – I love their ingenious take on the art of indigo dyeing, and wall tapestries.

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