Interior Design Perspective: Eve Robinson

By: Wescover

Eve Robinson puts a twist on traditional design elements. By infusing them with a modernist aesthetic, her interiors are one of a kind. The juxtaposition of simple elements with luxurious style creates an air of elegance and sophistication that makes her spaces unique.

Q: Not everything in a space has to be designer, but we all hope to have at least a few special pieces. What unique or custom elements of art/design do you think are worth buying?

I like to think of lighting as jewelry and make sure to include some pendants and sconces that sparkle and feel ultra special in my interiors. Investing in great art is another wonderful way of owning something extraordinary and unique. You can make the art a focal point in a room.

Q: As a professional interior designer, you play the role of visionary, curator, and project manager. What aspects make it challenging to find unique art/designs?

I want my interiors to feel unique and different from anything my clients have lived in before. I want the rooms to feel timeless and special. Finding these kinds of pieces can be challenging. Therefore, I am always on the lookout for new designs and upcoming designers.
What’s good and bad about the process of working with Creators on custom pieces? It is important to have really good communication and listen to each other’s ideas. I always find working with Creators on custom pieces to be enormously satisfying.

Q: How often do your clients request something unique or custom?

Clients who have bigger budgets are the ones who typically are more interested in custom and unique pieces. What do they typically ask for and what are their criteria/priorities for bigger budget items or focal pieces? (ie. they want to buy local, made-to-order or sustainable goods)
Clients are looking for custom made to order furniture that uses unusual and luxurious materials.

Q: Does buying unique make a positive global impact? I hope so! Finding unusual pieces in other parts of the world gives us appreciation for other cultures and designs.   How do interior designers play a role?

Designers introduce clients to pieces that clients never would have found on their own.We bring an appreciation of different designs to our clients.

Q: While they’re both creatives, Creators sometimes don’t understand the challenges of accomplishing projects as an Interior Designer. Do you have any advice for Creators (like painters or furniture designers) who’d love to connect and collaborate with designers like you?

As an interior designer, it is super important for me to listen to my client’s needs. I need to source pieces that will work within the parameters that my client has given to me. Creators need to make sure to listen and design for the client and not just themselves.

Q: What are your top 3 favorite items or Creators you spotted on Wescover?

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