Small Business Saturday: Support Hardworking Creators

By: Wescover

Shopping locally is always a good idea, but this holiday season, the livelihood of small businesses depends on it. It means nurturing your local economy and keeping the spirit of your community alive. Independent makers are among those who have suffered the most in the wake of the pandemic, and while they’ve always been there for us, we now need to be there for them. With Small Business Saturday around the corner, we are featuring some of our favorite makers, who create one-of-a-kind gifts that are truly meaningful.

To begin, we are so thankful for interior designers who are leading the charge by shopping small and promoting our Creators! Here are some of their words to live by: 

Now that you’re excited to shop small, here are some of our favorite pieces by small creators on Wescover…

Gifts by Small Creative Businesses

Boho throw blanket
Jackie of Coastal Boho Studio, artist in Destin, FL
Our Gift Pick: Kona Throw Blanket $85
Jackie takes “Modern Boho” to a whole new level. Her huge line of textiles bring warmth and coziness into spaces, and we especially love the tropical vibes they inspire.
Pottery wall hanging
Kristina Kotlier, artist in Los Angeles, CA
Our Gift Pick: Sacred Eye Wall Piece $110
Kristina hand-makes cute ceramic pieces that shine full of personality. This multidimensional wall hanging draws the eye upward and creates a vertical illusion with layered tiers and texture.
Tree ring print
Erik Linton, artist in Hyrum, UT
Our Gift Pick: Grand Canyon Print $59
Erik’s main goal as an artist is to make us stop and appreciate the world around us in the natural world. His prints are a wonderful way to incorporate nature into your home, and this particular pick is one of our favorites.
Hanging leather dowel
Keyaira of Keyaiira | leather + fiber, artist in Santa Rosa, CA
Our Gift Pick: Mini Hanging Dowel Kit $35
Keyaira is an artist with a bold spirit and an old soul. She loves to source her materials locally and this dowel kit elevates the style of a household necessity that everyone needs.
Tableware tower
Mieke Cuppen, artist in Rotterdam, Netherlands
Our Gift Pick: Amuse Tower $20
Mieke is a tableware designer who focuses on both fun and function. We’ve really never seen anything like her work, and she continues to impress and excite us with new styles like this interactive tower!
White speckled mugs
Cóte of Cóte García Ceramics, artist in Brooklyn, NY
Our Gift Pick: White Speckle Mug $45
Cóte creates stunning mugs, vases, and tableware in a variety of shapes and patterns. We love the minimal speckles and angular shape of these mugs that give them a unique edge.
Olive green floor pouf
Ekaterina of Chasha Home, artist in Tomsk, Russia
Our Gift Pick: Coffee Table – Pouf in Olive $158
Ekaterina creates handmade products using organic materials. These responsibly sourced floor poufs are so versatile, we want one in every color!
Desert art print
Kara of Kara Suhey Print Shop, artist in Santa Barbara, CA
Our Gift Pick: The Dance of the Colorful Woman Print $210
Kara combines her love of fine art with photography to create these dream like prints of California landscapes. We love the color combinations and hazy filters in this pick.
Rainbow love script painting
Ruben Rojas, artist in Los Angeles, CA
Our Gift Pick: Untitled Painting $450
Ruben’s bright personality shines through all of his eccentric works. His paintings and murals intentionally aim to “beautify” the earth and we definitely feel the love with this pick!
Yellow sun mountain quilt
Laura of Vacilando Quilting Co., artist in the United States
Our Gift Pick: Oregon Crib Quilt $350
Laura creates modern minimal textiles inspired largely by nature and her travels around the US in an Airstream trailer. This quilt looks extra cozy and inspires us to be positive!
Green backless counter stool
fyrn, designers in San Francisco, CA
Our Gift Pick: DeHaro Backless Counter Stool $745
Fyrn creates modern furniture of inspired by stunning heirlooms. These counter stools are minimal yet edgy, and offer a sleek air of sophistication!
Modern black geometric print tapestry
Michael of Upton, artist in Vista, CA
Our Gift Pick: Caudor Print on Canvas $165
Michael endeavors to create fine art inspired, high quality décor for the home. This print is bold and grounding, and we think it works perfectly in a minimalist or Boho type interior.
Brown ceramic pasta bowl
Mary Mar Keenan, designer in San Francisco, CA
Our Gift Pick: Brown Leather Pasta Bowl $70
Mary Mar incorporates a range of colors and styles into her stoneware that has been featured in top restaurants across the US. We picked this pasta bowl for it’s rustic, hand-made feel.
Ceramic cat bell sculpture
Jennifer Fujimoto, artist in Seattle, WA
Our Gift Pick: Ceramic Kitty Cat Bell $68
Jennifer is a multidisciplinary artist who creates meaningful works brimming with character. This kitty cat bell is nothing short of adorable, perfect for the feline lover in your life!
Large teal macrame
Ash of Love & Fiber, artist in San Diego, CA
Our Gift Pick: Large Teal Macrame Wall Hanging $340
Ash is a self-taught artist who wanted to find a way to unite her work as a home decorator with her love for fiber arts. Her contemporary Boho designs, like this teal macrame, are wildly popular and it’s no surprise as to why – we love them!
Handmade textile wall art
Bharti of YaShi Handmade, artist in Milpitas, CA
Our Gift Pick: Mid-century Wall Arch With Fringe $80
Bharti has a passion for creating works of art that make a statement. Her textile works, like this intriguing wall arch, inspire curiosity in people who encounter them and bring a unique design element into spaces.

It’s incredibly important to promote the prosperity of small businesses around the world as we face this challenge together. On Wescover, you’ll find a global community of creators who pour their passion into their work and make their cities unique. By supporting them, you are supporting economic and environmental health on a global scale, and giving (or receiving!) a gift with a unique story behind it. Now that’s festive!

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