Creator Spotlight: Okej

By: Wescover

Okej Designer portrait

Emmie and Mitchell Brower of Swedish rug brand Okej have found the fun in home decor! Defying the standard rug shape, the “Squiggle” rugs are perfect for a space dominated by pastels, or a minimal living room in desperate need of personality. Based in Mitchell’s Utah hometown, the husband-wife duo have created the ultimate antidote for clean lines and sharp corners. He’s a mechanical engineer, and she has a background in fashion design. Besides their playful products, Okej happens to be a great Instagram follow. Hear what Emmie and Mitchell had to say about their process.

Pink Squiggle Rug
Pink Squiggle Rug $1,495 >

My first source of inspiration/style was…

Vintage designers such as Eero Aarnio, Verner Panton, Isamu Noguchi and so on.

I started my creative business in order to…

We started this business as a passion project. We live in an area of the US where we aren’t surrounded by a lot of interesting design. We are hoping that our local presence will inspire and bring more exceptional design to the state of Utah as well as the US.

Original art/designs are important because…

We view furniture and rugs as collectible pieces of art. Each piece of furnishing you bring into your home should be a noteworthy and valued piece of design, something you’ll cherish for a long time.

If I were an art or design movement I would be…

A 1960’s or 70’s version of Bauhaus.

If I could only bring one tool to a desert island it would be…

A pocket knife, Anfibio Sofa by Giovannetti, a Miyazaki film Soundtrack.

Black Squiggle Rug
Black Squiggle Rug $3,175 >
Cream Squiggle Rug
Cream Squiggle Rug $2,975 >
Speckled Squiggle Rug
Speckled Squiggle Rug $3,175 >

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