What Does Purchase With Purpose Mean in 2021?

By: Wescover

Read the story by our found in Forbes:
“Purchase And Create With Purpose: Six Ways To Join The Slow Design Movement
Rachely Esman CEO & Co-Founder of Wescover: building a marketplace to discover original art & design Creators. 
Entrepreneurs, it’s time to join the slow design movement and build brands that are celebrated for their positive global impact. Long has been the reign of cheap, mass-produced products…” Read full story >

New to design? Here’s how we can all be apart of the slow movement:

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What’s Purchase with Purpose all about?

Poor quality and environmental harm are the unseen costs of cheap goods. Last year, Americans discarded more than 12 million tons of furniture and other home furnishings. “Instead of a linear “fast, cheap, dispose” model, slow design leaders are creating circular economies that intentionally eliminate waste and prioritize a longer product lifespan.

How can we all purchase with purpose?

Slow down and consider the impacts of what you buy.

Every product has a social, environmental, and economic cost. Shopping slow isn’t always about buying things that are made slowly or getting what you want later down the line. And there are no expectations that you’re ONLY going to buy products that live up to the gold standard of slow design or sustainability. As consumers, the first step is slowing down to think about what we’re buying and if it’s worth it. Start building the habit of thinking about what you buy.

Know the items Creator and story.

We’re all afraid of falling for clever marketing and green washed slogans. Yet there are so many different factors (and buzzwords) that describe the impact of a product or brand. Where should we start? Start with the source: who-made-what. That’s why we believe in buying from Creators directly. It’s so easy to make a connection and, if they’re authentic, they’ll share more. Ask questions like: What is it made of? How is it produced? If it’s meaningfully made to last (and decompose), it’s a probably good choice.

Spread the Word.

You can start a conversation with a friend, ask your favorite Creator a question, and even share this story. As our founder says, “As a global community, I hope we all slow down, take a breath and consider the impact of our consumption. If we all embrace slow design and educate others, we can support new communities of entrepreneurs and positively impact our planet for generations to come.”

Purchase with purpose!

It’s as simple as getting a little more info about the next item you buy. When you’re deciding what to buy, add “impact” to your list of considerations (in addition to the basics like size, style, price). Not only will it help you slow down, it’ll build the habit of conscious consumerism and lead you to choose slow design more often!

slow design infographic

Of course, this is where we remind you to shop Creator-made on Wescover! We’re your destination to find alternatives mass brands and fast decor; connect with Creators directly; and discover who’s behind the hidden world of art/design. Our community includes thousands of Creators. They all have different practices, locations, and scales of production, so we’re always excited to learn more too! If you discover the positive impact of a design item or Creator on Wescover please let us know so we can celebrate them.

Shop slow, purchase with purpose, and stay Creative!

Published on May 17, 2021

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