Floor Cushions: Why You Should Make the Switch

By: Wescover

Danielle Amir-Lobel, Editorial Manager

October 27, 2021

Floor cushions are a contemporary alternative to traditional couches and provide a comfortable and relaxing way to lounge in your spaces. A floor seat can take many unique and colorful forms but generally includes some type of cushion placed directly on the ground. For anyone seeking to liven up their spaces, floor seating brings a modern aesthetic as well as versatile functionality and is the perfect way to relax after a long day.

Wescover Creator Neta Tesler at Knots Studio based in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel takes an innovative approach on floor seating and creates knotted floor cushions in unique styles and colors. By combining functionality and creativity in her designs, Neta creates pieces that generate lively living room conversations and add a unique flare to any space. We asked Neta to share with more details about her work and offer insights into why many people are choosing to lounge on floor cushions rather than traditional furniture.

Wescover Creator Neta Tesler at Knots Studio sits among her unique floor cushions, fashioned using knot techniques.
Wescover Creator Neta Tesler at Knots Studio

What was your inspiration for your floor cushions?

In my senior year at the Textile Department at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, I was inspired by the aesthetics of the nautical world. A standout feature of the nautical world was the diverse knot patterns which served functional yet also sometimes aesthetic applications. I researched and experimented with different materials and discovered a special tying technique, which I used to design my first line of knot floor seating products.

Rich, luxe, and elegant, velvet knot floor cushions by Wescover Creator Knots Studio add style to your home.
Large Teal Velvet Knot Floor Cushions

What does the process of creating a floor cushion look like?

The cushions I create are made of foam that is 8-10 meters long, upholstery materials, and durable fabrics. I hand make the seats using our unique tying technique. I then tie the components together with wooden rings created by our talented wood turner. Each cushion is made to order in our studio with extra attention to details and intentional care.

The large stone vegan suede knot floor cushion by Wescover Creator Knots Studio is soft and cozy with beautiful earthy tones.
Large Stone Vegan Suede Knot Floor Cushion

What are the benefits of floor seating?

Floor seating is a great solution for people who have small or limited spaces and are looking to add an extra seating solution to their space. The cushions are fun to sit on, extremely comfortable, and easy to move from place to place. Floor seating is more versatile than any other type of chair: you can rest your legs on it, use it as a meditation cushion, or let the kids play around it without worrying about them falling off a couch.

The large pink rose knot floor cushion by Wescover Creator Knots Studio fits perfectly in many environments—including in nurseries!
Large Pink Rose Knot Floor Cushion

How expensive are floor cushions?

Floor cushions are significantly less expensive than traditional furniture but are much more versatile and just as comfortable. The specific price of our floor cushions ranges from $360 to $520 depending on the size and type of fabric.

These unique floor cushions by Wescover Creator Knots Studio come in a variety of shapes and patterns, including this striped black and white pattern.
Black and White Cotton Knot Floor Cushion

What are different ways to arrange or style your floor cushions?

We design our cushions with a modern minimalist style, and they are available in different colors and textures. Each fabric we use has a different style, so we have something for everyone. The velvet fabrics have a lax feel while the vegan suede fabrics have a more minimalist feel. They are super flexible for styling and can fit a variety of spaces. For example, you can place one cushion in the living room on its own, or you can arrange two different sizes of cushions next to each other to create a unique color and size scheme.

The velvet knot floor cushions by Wescover Creator Knots Studio come in many shapes and sizes and are perfect for adding a pop of color to your spaces.
Large Olive Green Velvet Knot Floor Cushion

If you are missing a pop of color or a piece that will make your spaces more vibrant, lively, and enjoyable, adding a floor cushion may be the perfect solution. Wescover has a diverse range of floor cushion options that are definitely worth checking out. Last but not least, be sure to browse more beautiful and functional pieces by Neta at Knots Studio on Wescover.

Published on Oct 27, 2021

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