The Craft of Marble Tables

By: Wescover

Marble Table

How does one describe marble tables? Grand, elegant, and unique would suffice. How do these beautiful, marble-carved pieces come to be? We asked LAGU. The best way to describe the Istanbul-based brand is classical, timeless, and romantic. The Founder and Designer, Ufuk Ceylan, feels the same. Aiming to rejuvenate styles of the past and bring one’s eye to even the smallest details, Ufuk truly has a craft for his work. Revamping the design world with his eye for fine art, Ufuk sees the beauty in industrial materials like marble and stone, mixing in softer elements to elevate his pieces. Marble tables are just one of their impeccable design pieces.


The contemporary, full-of-life designs that they bring to the table inspire houses and rooms to be so much more.

They are invigorated with LAGU’s pieces, turning heads and becoming homes and safe-spaces for all who enter. The cozy vibes of LAGU’s designs have us at Wescover thinking – What’s the secret behind their beautiful marble tables? And, more importantly, where can we find them? We sat down with the lovely representatives of LAGU, and had our questions (and marble table dreams) answered.


What is marble?

They are natural stones formed by the exposure of underground limestone to heat and pressure. The iron oxides, sand and mineral deposits in it give the marble color and curves that create a dramatic effect. Therefore, each marble is unique and special. In addition, marbles are generally named according to the region where they are mined. The most popular countries where marble is mined are Italy and Greece. The most preferred marbles are usually Calacatta, Carrara, Emperador and Alexander Black.

Famed Coffee Table

What kinds of marble do you use when making these tables?

The Recalled Table was produced as travertine marble, calacatta marble, and alexander black marble. We also use these marbles on the Basic Side Table, Famed Coffee Table and other products’ top surfaces. Special marbles such as rain forest and onyx have been used for different projects. We can also supply different types of marble according to the customer’s request.

Recalled Dining Table

What other materials work best when crafting with marble, and why?

We love to combine marble and brass. In addition, we use the harmony of wood and marble in our designs. The sharp finishes of the brass and the perfectly cut surface combinations of the marble turn into a perfect and satisfying product. You can clearly see what we mean on the famed side table. In addition, we use a specially cut and rounded marble top and various metal feet. The best material that can support the weight of marble and provide static is metal.

Famed Side Table

How heavy are marble tables?

The weight of marble tables varies according to its thickness and natural structure. In general, an alexander black marble table top is between 180-250 kg. The total weight of the recalled marble table is 220 kg.

Recalled Matt Chrome Dining Table

Where do you source your marble from?

We supply marble from all over the world. It has always been unique for us that marble, which is a natural material, comes in different colors and textures. We include the marbles we supply in our designs by using special cutting techniques, so the products have their own character.

Basic Rain Forest Side Table


Whether you’re searching for the best centerpiece to your living space, or a one-of-a-kind conversation starter, LAGU has you covered with their Marble Coffee Tables. Thanks to LAGU for offering a 10% Trade discount for Wescover Trade Members! To keep the spirit of romantic, functional art alive, LAGU embraces change while staying true to form. Art can be found anywhere you look – especially when you look at Our Top Marble Tables


Amongst the ever-growing design world, Wescover has made it easier than ever to not only source the pieces you desire, but work with some of the world’s most creative designers like LAGU. Looking for your perfect table? Shop All Wescover Tables here. Thanks again to the representatives at LAGU for your expertise on marble, marble tables, and design. 

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