Female Interior Designers to Watch

By: Wescover

Female Interior Designers to Watch

Women bring a unique perspective to every project they touch. We’re celebrating female interior designers to watch from those passionate about eclectic interiors to contemporary designers and more.

Tiffany Thompson of Duett Interiors

Tiffany Thompson has been passionate about interiors from a young age and after a successful career working at Nike, founded the Portland based interior design studio, Duett Interiors. She focuses on creating spaces grounded in emotions, as she blends brutalism, wabi sabi, and new age minimalism inspired by the diverse cities she has lived in. Rather than chase perfection, she embraces imperfection, using materials and objects that have stood the test of time.

Photo by Marni Mervis

Wescover Creators featured in work by Tiffany Thompson!

Danielle Trofe Design

Fire Clay Tile

Victoria Sass of Prospect Refuge 

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Prospect Refuge was founded by Victoria Sass after a decade of experience in the design community. Her bohemian style influence comes from her childhood spent in the California surf town of Santa Cruz. Victoria’s approach to design molds to fit the site, the architecture, and the client, as she blends local charm and contemporary lifestyle.


Lauren Ritz Design

Based in Squamish, British Columbia, Lauren Ritz builds dream spaces with a focus and love for west coast modern design influences. Lauren is often inspired firsthand by the region’s beauty and brings natural materials into people’s homes through wool, wood, linens, and organic feeling textures. She is committed to offering each client a highly personalized experience and works to balance innovative and timeless design solutions.


Julia Sobrepeña King of Studio Roene 

Founded and led by Julia Sobrepeña King, Studio Roene is a full service interior architecture and design firm based in San Francisco and Los Angeles. For close to two decades, Julia has worked with the industry’s top talents before venturing on her own in 2021. She enjoys mixing contradictory colors, textures, and forms, while building spaces that spark conversations.


Carmen René Smith of Aquilo Interiors 

Carmen Rene Smith is the founder and principal designer of Aquilo Interiors. She strives to create spaces that evoke wonder by specializing in bold and culturally rich designs. By combining playful shapes, bold colors, fun prints and dynamic patterns, Carmen creates beautiful and unexpected works of art.


Isabelle Lomas 

Isabelle Lomas is known for her beautiful, playful, and comfortable approach to design. After working with many notable designers over the past seven years, Isabelle Lomas founded her own studio in 2020. The studio ethos is to look back to the history of the building and the surrounding area, to ensure the finished result has a connection to its past and that the spaces within are intimate and timeless.


Meg Lavalette of Lava Interiors 

In 2015, Meg Lavalette launched LAVA interiors from her New York City apartment after studying at Parsons School of Design and working for several notable interior design and architecture firms. Based in the heart of Manhattan, Meg creates a bespoke for each project, placing an emphasis on quality, craftsmanship, and one a kind pieces to tell a unique story.


Lily Dierkes of LK Studio

Founded in 2020 by Lily Dierkes, LK Studio is a residential interior design studio based in Hudson, New York. Her goal is to create spaces that are both architecturally-informed and reflective of the people that live in them. The design philosophy behind LK Studio is guided by a love of color and pattern, where they explore working with varying styles to design interiors that feel original, optimistic, and refined. 


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