Wood Chandeliers

By: Jessica Stewart

Wood chandeliers are unique lighting features that can be simultaneously timeless and make a statement. Whether in an entryway, dining room, or living space, they add warmth, natural beauty, and an earthy yet elegant element. Here are some of our favorite wood chandeliers.

Acrux Chandelier by Next Level Lighting

This stunning chandelier is composed of wood, metal, and numerous crystals made from acrylic glass. The Acrux Chandelier will light up any room with a warm, mysterious glow and add a touch of glamour to your décor. It is an eco-friendly and timeless design from Ukraine-based studio, Next Level Lighting.

Gross X Wood Light by Traum

Traum – Wood Lighting designs and manufactures state-of-the-art lamps made with wood veneer from the northeast of Argentina. Gross X is one of their larger, majestic chandeliers. This contemporary fixture is longitudinal, making it the perfect fit for rectangular tables, dining spaces, corridors, and more.

Utility Pole Crossarm Beam Chandelier by RailroadWare Lighting Hardware & Gifts

This custom chandelier is loaded with western charm. The wood beam on this chandelier is weathered as most components have spent time on or near the rails. RailroadWare transforms abandoned industrial artifacts into useful products.

Neutral Bead Chandelier by Lisa Haines

This stunning chandelier is draped with wooden beads and features gold accents. This fixture is gorgeous in any room and brings both peace and warmth into your space. It is crafted by Lisa Haines, a multi-disciplinary artist and designer in Canada.

Infinity M Lux Chandelier by Next Level Lighting

The Infinity M Lux Chandelier is a unique and luxurious piece that adds a touch of elegance and class to any home. This chandelier is made with a combination of wood and colored epoxy resin, giving it a beautiful and modern look. The fixture is from Next Level Design Studio, which specializes in high-quality wooden decor and light fixtures.

Lamp/One Wood Trio Chandelier by Formaminima

This refined three-light chandelier is rich in natural beauty and warmth. It features Canaletto walnut wood juxtaposed by hand-ground crystal. The shades host refined Limoges porcelain silhouettes, creating sophisticated plays of light. This Chandelier is handcrafted in Italy by Formaminima’s carefully selected local artisans.

Viking Light Tumbleweed Chandelier by Sand+Suede

This one-of-a-kind chandelier is a statement piece, adding texture and natural beauty to any environment. The Viking Lights are made from tumbleweeds wrangled in the dry lake beds of Joshua Tree, CA. They are handmade by Sand+Suede, a lighting designer and fiber artist living in the lo-desert of Southern California.

CUBE Chandelier by Next Level Lighting

This geometric fixture from Next Level Lighting combines natural ash wood with LED lights for a modern yet earthy effect. The ash, oak, or walnut branches are made with the accent of natural wood texture. The Cube Chandelier will look best in loft interiors, staircases with high ceilings, art galleries, and exhibition halls.

Claylight Boomerang XL Chandelier by lighttexture

This Joan Miro inspired chandelier features four large white ceramic light shades hanging from two Australian brigalow wood boomerangs, creating a mobile of lights, textures, and shapes. Perforations in the ceramic shades project line-shaped light textures. The chandelier is from lightexture, a design collaborative between an architect and a lighting designer who create unique designer lamps.

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