How To: Bill Clients Directly & Use Markup

By: Charlotte Foley

Wescover’s “Bill to Client” feature enables Trade Members to send invoices with a customizable markup to their clients. Read the below step-by-step instructions to learn how to use this exclusive Trade product feature!

Why use the "Bill to Client" feature?

Sending the bill directly to your client from Wescover’s checkout is an efficient way to handle transactions with clients. It frees up any working capital requirements, as well as the hassle of creating invoices. Additionally, it allows for your clients to purchase the order directly while still permitting your Trade markup expenses.

As a Trade Member, you can choose to share some of your Trade discount with your client so that they also enjoy a discount over retail prices. Since the Trade pricing discount is exclusively offered to Wescover Trade Members, your clients would not otherwise be able to access this pricing. You can choose to mark up products by any amount.

How does the "Bill to Client" feature work?

Trade Members can use this feature from their cart (i.e. Buy Now orders), or for custom orders. Listed below are instructions to walk you through both order processes.

Regardless of order process, after the order has been paid by your client, you will be notified and be able to track the placed order. The markup amount will be added as Credit to your Wescover account once the order is paid. Trade Members may request to convert the Credit to cash if the amount is greater than $1,000. Additionally, another 5% Trade Credit will be available to redeem in your next order.

Buy Now Items: How To "Bill to Client"

1. Add your item to your shopping cart and click "Bill to Client"

Add “Buy Now” items that you want your client to purchase to your shopping cart. From your cart, click on the “Bill to Client” button which will take you to a special checkout page where you will specify your client’s address and contact information.

2. Enter client information in the special "Bill to Client" checkout
3. Specify the markup to be added to the special Trade Price, and click "Preview and Share"
4. Click the "Share Quote" button
5. Copy the link to the marked up quote, and share with your client

Custom Orders: How To "Bill to Client"

In order to “Bill to Client” on custom orders, there are a couple extra steps. You can discuss custom specifications and pricing with a Creator and receive a quote with the final pricing information in your Inquiry Inbox. However, the rest of the process is very similar to that of Buy Now orders.

1. Navigate to the QUOTE / ORDER DETAILS from the Inquiry Inbox conversation with a Creator and click on the "Bill to Client" button
2. Specify a markup and enter your client's shipping and contact information
3. Finish billing your client as you would for a "Buy Now" order

Repeat steps #3-5 of the Buy Now “Bill To Client” instructions.

Have any other questions? Reach out to Wescover’s Support by selecting “Support” (on desktop) or “Contact Wescover” (on mobile). Or email,

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