How To: Save Items & Collections

By: Jessica Stewart

Finding unique and inspiring art and design pieces has never been easier. Wescover’s Saved Collections allows you to discover, save, and curate your own personal curation of art and design items, much like creating a Pinterest board. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to create your own curated Saved Collection on Wescover and explore the numerous customization options available to you.

How To Create a Saved Collection

Step 1: Discover and Save

The journey to creating your personal collection on Wescover starts with discovering the pieces that resonate with you. With a vast catalog of unique art and design items, you’ll find everything from handcrafted furniture to exquisite sculptures and mesmerizing paintings. As you browse through the platform, you can save your favorite items to your collection by clicking the heart icon on the top right corner of an item’s image.

The Save button is a heart icon located in the top right corner of a product's images.
Step 2: Add to Collection

A window will pop-up prompting you to “Add to Collection” where you can save that item to a specific Collection or create a new one! Once you’ve saved a few items, it’s time to organize your collection. Wescover allows you to create custom collections based on your preferences and interests. You can give each collection a unique title and description, making it easy to categorize and differentiate your various collections. For example, you can create collections for “Modern Minimalist Living Room” or “Eclectic Bedroom Decor.”

"Add to Collection" pop-up after saving an item. Select underlined "Add to Collection" to save to existing Collection(s) or to create a new Collection.
Option to "Create New Collection".
Step 3: Add Personal Touch with Descriptions and Notes
Customize your Collection with a description and notes below individual items.

To access all of your Saved Collections, go to the upper right corner of the top menu and select the Saved button (heart icon). Or, go to the following link:

To truly make your collection your own, you can add descriptions and notes to each item in your collection. This feature is invaluable for art collectors and interior designers who want to remember specific details about each piece. You can jot down information about the artist, materials used, dimensions, or any other details that catch your eye. This added layer of customization helps you keep track of your collection’s story and makes it easier to share your vision with others.

Step 4: Share Your Collections
The "Share Collection" icon is on the far right (next to the "Edit Collection" pencil icon). Select the image to go to this shared Collection!

One of the most exciting aspects of Wescover is the ability to share your collections with friends, family, or even clients. Whether you’re collaborating on a design project or simply seeking input on your latest art finds, sharing your collections is a breeze. You can generate a unique link for each collection. Anyone with a link can view your Collection without making edits. 

Have any other questions? Reach out to Wescover’s Support by selecting “Support” (on desktop) or “Contact Wescover” (on mobile).

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