How To: Redeem Wescover Credit for Gift Cards

By: Jessica Stewart

Redeem Wescover Credit for Gift Cards
We are excited to announce a new feature that enhances the value of your Wescover Trade Membership. Starting now, Wescover Trade Members have the fantastic opportunity to use their Wescover Credit to redeem Wescover Gift Cards! Trade Members already earn 5% Wescover Credit with every purchase on our marketplace, and now they can convert that credit into versatile and thoughtful gift cards.

Wescover Credit

What is Wescover Credit?

Wescover Credit is an exclusive rewards program designed to enhance our community’s shopping experience on Wescover. After every purchase you make on Wescover, we will add 5% of the purchase value as credit to your Wescover account. These accumulated credits can then be used towards your next purchase. Learn more about Wescover Credit in this article.

How to redeem Credit for Gift Cards?

1. Accumulate Wescover Credit:

Continue making your unique purchases and earn 5% Wescover Credit each order! Watch your Wescover Credit grow with every transaction. You can view your Wescover Credit within your Wescover Account “Trade Benefits & Credit” tab.

2. Redeem Credit for Gift Cards:

Once you’ve accumulated enough Wescover Credit, redeem it towards a Wescover Gift Card. When you’re checking out a gift card, apply your unique Wescover Credit code before selecting “Continue to Payment” or “Place Order”.

3. Share the Gift Cards:

Spread the joy of art and design by sharing Wescover Gift Cards. At the gift card checkout screen, input the delivery method you would like to send the gift card (please note, if you select “Email to recipient”, the gift email will send immediately).

Apply your unique Wescover Credit code at checkout during your next purchase.

Have any other questions? Reach out to Wescover’s Support by selecting “Support” (on desktop) or “Contact Wescover” (on mobile). Or email,

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